Burning a Source in Quito

“As was my new normal, it made no difference what my overt reason was for being some place. The ‘other job’ was there as well.”

How US Iranian Sanctions Are Circumvented

“China is taking a different approach – deciding to take on the US sanctions more directly. More to the point, China’s route is one of defiance.”

Cornering a Spy Runner in a Knightsbridge Restaurant

Throughout most of the world, the normal “cover” for such operations was diplomatic, with members of the consular and other crews at embassies serving as intel officers in reality. However, for the Soviets in London, that became exceptionally difficult after September 1971 and ‘Operation FOOT.’ This was the British expulsion of 105 Soviet officials for spying in what is still the largest single move of its kind in history.”

Inflation is Coming…and That’s Bad, Right?

“If there is one factor today overshadowing everything else confronting investors it is the concern over inflation. Most would conclude that there is nothing more likely to tank a bull run than rising prices. Well, not so fast.”

A Cross-Border Incident at Iguazu

“Iguazu has hundreds of cascading waterfalls cutting through the jungle. And most of them are higher than either of the falls at Niagara. It makes no difference which national side of the gorge you use as your frame of reference. There are simply no adequate words to describe what you see. The site is so vast and breathtaking, no single picture below 10,000 feet can provide even most of it.”

Is There a Hydrogen Remedy to the Energy Storage Problem?

“The ability to retain energy for use when the grid demands it is the most important single advance still lacking. More important than a resolution to the electric car battery frustration, a revolution in larger capacity storage would have a huge impact on how much energy costs, the ease with which we can use it, and the ultimate ability of a full array or transitions across energy types. And it is here that hydrogen may provide a decisive key.”

Stalking the Opposition in Banff

“What we were doing could best be labeled “stalking.” This required walking a tight rope. Being on the program, I was a known visible quantity. If I spent too much time with them, they might conclude I was an intel officer attempting to recruit. On the other hand, appearing to ignore them would make it difficult to accomplish the assignment.”



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