Inventing Statistics in the New Russia

“Indications are surfacing that the Russian economy may not be as “rosy” as it is portrayed in official figures. Even before concerns emerged about the latest COVID variants (including the newest and perhaps even more virulent omicron strain), suspicions have arisen that the government has been offsetting the lingering virus impact by cooking the books.”

Why Releasing Oil from the SPR is Not a Solution

“But this is a cosmetic reaction at best. The attempt will not have any lasting effect. Given what is underway in the energy markets thanks to new variants of COVID, there are now other ways that oil prices will be capped. Unfortunately, those are likely to have negative effects on the very post-pandemic recovery necessary to bring economies back into rhythm.”

Revisiting an Operational Snafu on Jiddah

“Bahrain is the backdoor in any Iranian physical attempt to undermine oil production in its main regional enemy. Tehran’s Shiite connection with the adjoining part of Saudi Arabia where most of the oil is pumped hardly helps either. This remains a tinderbox in search of a match.”

The Saga of the MARA Crash

“This has all the earmarks of the Reddit-hyped push into GameStop, AMC, and other stocks.”

The Murder of a Crusading Journalist in Moscow

“His unconventional style, his ability to put himself in the situation he was reporting, and his uncompromising attack upon authority singled him out as a marked man.”

How the Rivian Hype Portends a Market Correction

“Let that sink in for a moment. From $0 to over $127 billion in three sessions for a company with a few advance orders but which has yet to produce any actual vehicles and has no revenue stream.”



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