Banking Your Gains

Options trading portfolios are notorious for having huge swings in value. It’s a challenging psychological ride for many new traders. Use these tips to keep your right and your profits growing.

Focus Trading

Don’t spread your capital all over the map – learn how to read charts, create watchlists, and focus on the rising sectors. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be on the right track.

Bearish Trades in Bull Markets

When you’re a beginner, follow the trend. The analytic skill, trade management techniques, and capital required to be a bear in a bull’s world are beyond most new traders.

Expectations and Outcomes

I’m a firm believer that you always need to trade for an OUTCOME. Set a profit goal, then determine how you’re going to meet it.

3 Quotes for Success

The moment you think you know everything, you’ve ceased to grow.
Today we’re going to look at three key quotes that have stuck with me and helped guide my progress.

Filter the Noise

You need to do your homework and build a filter to determine what trades are likely to be profitable. Here’s how to stand out from the pack.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

No matter the rationale for entering a trade, there are two primary reasons you might hold onto a position gone wrong. Let’s examine both and how to fix them.



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