Risky Business

“I’ve had several conversations this week with subscribers about minimizing risk. Most believe that the job of a trader is to win trades and make money. However, the real goal is to not lose it all.”

Bucking the Trend? – Chris Hood

“The uncertainty in the market right now is just too high for long-term predictions to carry much weight. It’s like planning an outdoor party 2 months from now based on a weather forecast.”

Crisis and Opportunity – Chris Hood

“When interest rates are low, these companies tend to do exceptionally well. Borrowed money aids in the research and development of new products and services which find eager buyers the moment they’re released. That isn’t currently the case.”

Range Bound and Down

“The same traders pushing the tickers up and down during the October to January months often take long vacations in the summer. They don’t trade much because they don’t have to…and liquidity dries up.”

Ride the Horse in the Direction it’s Going

“What I find interesting is how most retail traders consider bullish, rising markets “good” and falling bearish markets “bad.” These value-laden terms aren’t helpful. Whether you win or lose when trading depends on how you’re positioned.”

Protect Your Capital Like a Billionaire

“Rampant inflation is a direct result of the Fed’s misguided “quantitative easing” policies. To combat this, the Fed has taken steps to raise interest rates on the US dollar. As a result, we may see a strengthening dollar compared to other world currencies. It has made the US dollar a sort of safe haven for investors.”


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