Collateral Damage in Poti

“Sometimes, being thrust into affairs created by others will haunt you. Especially if the nightmares involve the deaths of people whose only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

What The Santa Claus Bounce Really Means

“As a further observation, a private survey – one having some impact on how insiders view the markets – circulated last week concluded that more than 56 percent of the analysts contacted believe a major market correction is coming, with over 80 percent of those suggesting it will be 10 percent or more.”

Assets Disappear on Malta

At one point in the mid-nineteenth century a European diplomat stationed there lamented that “one of every three you meet in the street is either deserving of being locked up or works for a national spy service.”

Where Big Private Players are Moving Money

“This is taking shape over my last several trips and comprises some interesting new insight into where the first wave of money is moving in the latest revisions of deep-pocket investment interest.”

A Prime Target for New Russian Sanctions

“It involved hitting a soft trade underbelly and maximize the net effect of denying Russia access to essential hard currency to fund its primary export. Well, the possibility is now back on the table and sources tell me it has been conveyed to the other side as an option we are considering.”

Where Is Gromov?

“If Gromov asked, these forgotten soldiers would march into hell and back at his order. He was genuinely the most powerful man in the country. If the former general turned to vindictive politics, he already had an army to do his bidding.”



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