Sweetgreen (SG): Make Time Your Ally On IPOs

“The best way to approach IPOs may simply be to ignore them altogether. Give it time. Wait to see the way things shake out. Unless you can practically guarantee you will be able to buy at the opening price, there’s no reason to succumb to what is essentially a glorified public relations event.”

RIVN IPO Highlights TSLA Competitors

“TSLA will also face smaller EV companies that could confront the giant. Let’s examine a few here, as we seek to take a chunk of this rapidly expanding market.”

The New Winter War

“The Biden Administration is currently lobbying OPEC+ (which includes Russia) to provide more oil. Europe of course is begging for more natural gas. President Biden lambasted China and Russia for not sending their heads of state to the climate change summit – but given who has the leverage, why should they?”


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