Pax Americana

“Today it’s the United States that looks relatively stronger compared to every other power bloc in the world. In the wake of the destruction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Europe is more dependent than ever on American natural gas.”

Inflation Surprise Slams President Biden

“That was likely the last time we’ll hear from Chairman Powell until the Fed’s next meeting on September 20-21. Given yesterday’s news, a half-point interest rate hike, which would have sent the market surging, is almost out of the question. A three-quarters of a point hike looks more likely… and we can’t rule out something even greater.”

A Strong America And A Strong Dollar

“If peace was to come, it would involve Ukraine giving up territory. A confident Vladimir Putin spoke about the coming multipolar world. How absurd that all looks today.”

Symphony of Destruction

The “plan” of both Moscow and Washington seems to involve the political collapse of the entire opposing order. Calling this risky is charitable. It’s insanity. And capital is a coward.

Food, Guns, Gas, and Cash

It might not be “lawyers, guns, and money” that will get us through this, but it is something close.

Uranium’s Moment May Have Come

“It was a very big deal when Japan signaled its willingness to start building more nuclear reactors. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida cited both the war in Ukraine and the need for cleaner energy to justify a study into more nuclear power plants. This was the signal for a major bull run in uranium.”


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