Remembering Dr. Kent Moors, RIP

Date: 06/22/22

Author: Corey Snyder, in memory of Dr. Kent Moors

This isn’t something we thought we’d have to write, but you all need to know some tragic news.

It’s with the greatest sadness and regret that we must announce Dr. Kent Moors died in his sleep last weekend.

He was a guide and a trading genius. His Spy Tales were a window into his professional life with the CIA and as a tenured professor at Duquesne University. And he kept serving his country after his retirement. His insights on geopolitics, energy, and strategic metals and materials were invaluable. He brought home dozens of triple-digit wins for his readers in Sigma Trader and Prism Profits.

But there was much more to Kent than this. Professionally, I considered him to be a mentor…I was fortunate enough to spend countless hours speaking with Kent and, when we had a call scheduled, I always made sure to leave the block of time open ended…

Kent lived one of the most fascinating lives and because of this, I made sure to pour a glass as if we were face to face because I knew that talking about the market would account for a tenth of our conversation.

The rest was about mutual acquaintances we had from the academic world or wild anecdotes that I never saw coming.

He talked about his time running a radio station… frequenting the Cannes Film Festival in France… speaking at Windsor Castle… even eating dinner with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The one story that sticks out in my mind is his recollection of his time in Vietnam and the close calls. I won’t mention the details, but Kent told me that he’d been “living on borrowed time ever since.”

Borrowed time or not, he was grateful to live the life that he’d lived, especially because of the love he shared with his wife, Marina, who he talked about the most. We ask everyone to respect her privacy at this time.

Obviously, this means an end to Classified Intelligence Brief, including the Spy Tales series. Perhaps we may be able to tell some future stories that he had planned, as I know that he was excited about more columns that were on the way. However, for now, we must assume that CIB has come to an end.

As a subscriber to Classified Intelligence Brief, we at Rogue Investing are folding you into our morning email Dawn Report. This will give you a birds-eye of the market before it opens each morning, as well as investing tips, geopolitical news, and cutting-edge reports from tech and biotech.

For those of you who were subscribers to Sigma Trader and Prism Profits, the portfolios will continue to be tracked and you will continue to receive regular updates. However, new trades from the system will not be forthcoming.

Those of you with lifetime subscriptions will be offered enrollment at no charge for some of our other trading services. We at Rogue are committed to honor Dr. Moors’s legacy by making sure you keep getting the support you are entitled to.

If you have any questions, or any reminiscences about Dr. Moors and the time you spent with his trades, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff at

This isn’t something I wanted to write, but we must both mourn and move forward together.

Your friend at Rogue Investing,

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