Just 1 speech mattered yesterday

“President Joe Biden’s big speech yesterday wasn’t the one that mattered.”

“For traders, the real Head of State is Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.”

China tensions could crush recovery

“I’m getting whiplash from following expectations about the Chinese market.”

“As we discussed yesterday, there was massive optimism about China’s reopening, with foreign investment pouring into the country at levels seen not since before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Yet relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China are in a tailspin.”

What’s moving TSLA right now

“Elon Musk is breathing a sigh of relief after a jury took just a couple hours to acquit the TecnoKing on charges of securities fraud. The jury found that Musk did not mislead investors when he tweeted in 2018 about taking Tesla private for a $420 per share price.”

AMZN, Ford stagger from heavy losses

“Amazon is down more than 5% in after-hours trading…”

“And futures for the NASDAQ composite look ugly this morning.”

Debt fight one big NOTHING

“An eminently stupid political fight is about to begin.”

“We all know how it’s going to end… it’s just a question of how much trouble it causes in the meantime.”

Catching the stock market wave

“I’ve been thinking about the way trading can be like surfing.”

“It’s all like riding a wave.”


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