Spending a Dreary Christmas in Hamburg

“My responsibility in all of this was CI, something for which I did have some experience: provide physical “sweep” support against counterparty surveillance, securing areas prior to a meeting, running parallel routes to determine if either party to the handoff was under active surveillance, and setting up countermeasures if they were.”

Leveraged ETFs – Caveat Emptor

The allure of trading options on leveraged ETFs is just too hard for many beginners to resist. I’m here to tell you. Resist the urge. Learn how these products actually work and if you actually want to trade them.

Will Governments Kill DeFi?

“In theory, and in its most extreme form, DeFi promises to cut banks entirely out of the financial system. Needless to say, there are a lot of people who don’t want to this to happen.”

The Kremlin Strategy on Nord Stream 2

“The Biden Administration lifted some sanctions against the pipeline in May but the contentious issue still remains, morphing into a central element in European politics.”

Options Trading in Uncertain Times

Like most things, trading can be frustrating, and we can never completely eliminate risk. What’s more, the trading landscape changes just like the seasons. These tips can help beginners and advanced traders alike minimize risk and maximize profits.

Will Delta Dampen The Recovery?

“The ruthless logic of the market is that there will be those who profit from this permanent threat. There is no reason you shouldn’t be among them.”

Trading Zen

Humans are emotional creatures. Perhaps nothing shows this more clearly than how we trade and whether or not we follow our rules. I highly suggest adding your feelings, especially those that led you to deviate from your plan to your trading journal. Did you get out of a trade too early and break your rules? Ask yourself why.


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