Here’s a pattern-based trade idea.

From above the 200sma to below it in about 15 minutes…

That may have been one of the quickest fake-outs in the SPY that I’ve seen in a while.

Workforce benefits are boring, but this stock isn’t.

I find myself day trading more than I’d like lately…

And believe it or not, most of the trades I’m taking are warrants or the thing I almost never buy into: Recent IPOs.

I’ve made mention of this before…

How to profit in market slums

Profitable trades in the stock market slums.

When “Big Board” stocks turn sideways to down, where exactly are you supposed to find short-term trades with sizable gains?

Well, there are a number of ways to do it, but the OTC world offers plenty of opportunities…

…you can lose your tail, too.

Julia koblitz

Long/Short: Biotech… tsk tsk.

A buddy of mine asked me, “What should I do?”

My response? “Learn to short.”

I know that short selling has gotten a bad rap, much of it for good reasons, but as I explained last week, riding the trend isn’t the same as unethically taking down a company and its investors along with it…

FREY - Btb

BIG swings on this stock means BIG profits.

Well… the market sure is a lot of fun for the bulls right now.

(If you sense sarcasm, you’re right.)

But this is a good time to look at long positions you may have missed out on or plan your longer term strategy.

I’m talking big picture…

PRTY is such sweet sorrow.

Now a party supply company’s stock continued to rise during the time of COVID-19 is beyond me…

But like all good things, the party must come to an end.

I got wind of today’s subject around the time it began to move from the world of pennies and it will go down as one of those missed opportunities.

It just keeps… going… down… WAIT.

“Where’s the volume?”

That’s been the question for many traders and also what I’ve been asked the most over the last month…

Starting in mid-December, volume tends to nosedive and it’s not until around now that things pick up again. 

How to trade Chinese “scam stocks”

Everyone’s bearish on Chinese stocks, which tells me I might need to start buying…

(I’ll probably catch hell for this, but I’m rolling with it.)

I’ve always had a real love for the way they trade, the small caps that is… But they haven’t been all that fun lately.


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