How a Sunken Submarine Foreshadowed Putin’s Current Hold on Popularity

“Putin’s approval rating is about 80 percent, with some figures above that. Now, these are Russian polls and the figures reflect a tight propaganda narrative with which the Kremlin controls Russian media. But the polling is statistically sound and seems to show an accurate public view.”

What the Oil “Bug” Is Not Telling You

“That oil figure emerging in the corner of your TV screen (the “bug” as it is known in the trade) may not be telling you the real story. The bug may be a well-known element for investors. But it is becoming a more suspect base for analysis.”

The Battle over Felix Dzerzhinsky Returns to Lubyanka

“The Club is leading the latest attempt to return the most dreaded statute to the streets of Moscow. They hope once again to have the likeness of Felix Dzerzhinsky gracing the square in front of the Lubyanka.”

Combatting Disturbing Market Signals

“Markets have been telling us for some time now that a correction is underway. How deep the decline will be before we reach a leveling off remains to be seen, but it is already upon us, and the open talk of a recession is hitting the airways with a renewed intensity.”

The Yellow Babies of Koshelevo

“It would have remained in total obscurity had it not been for the children. They were dying. Later it was learned that they had not been the first.”

The Global Wild Card

“Markets hate uncertainty. Unfortunately, that seems the primary environment these days. Only this time around, that uncertainty is augmented by actual tanks and genuine shelling.”

A Church in Molokeyevo

“As I made my way in, an elderly woman was shouting ‘God will visit his anger upon those who destroy his church.’ Things endure in Russia, which is why the communist party never had a chance against her beliefs.”

The European Energy Picture

“The EU headquarters in Brussels had been insisting that the Continent would be moving away from Russian sourcing ever since the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. But the European reliance on Moscow has increased since then.”

Collateral Damage and Deceit in Paris

“Today’s Classified Intelligence Brief Spy Tale entry is the initial in that series of “telling it like it was” renditions I have been promising. It involves the fallout from a botched operation, made more lamentable by the heartless coverup that followed.”

The Arrival of Energy Storage Mandates

“This revision is referred to as ‘energy storage mandates’ and it is expanding globally. These are rules requiring grid operators, utilities, and/or power plants to expand their use of battery storage.”