“Sergei” Runs Interference to Sheremetyevo

“Now, the timing of this was also hardly reassuring. It was in the early hours that the KGB would come calling if one were to be detained. It didn’t help at all that, upon opening the door, I was greeted by Sergei and two huge guys right out of central casting.”

Cornering “Sergei” in Arbat

“[I] increased my walking speed each time I turned a corner. It is called ‘extending the gap’ and it is the easiest way to create a buffer between you and surveillance if something has to be done quickly (like service a dead drop or leave a signal).”

Memorial Day Reflections

“When I began my service to our country, I knew something about what I was getting into. However, I couldn’t have imagined everything it entailed.”

Getting Even in Trieste

“The aftermath was personally devastating, taking the life of a friend, and assuring that there would be payback. So here, at long last, is how we got even.”

The Next Major Advance in Batteries

“The ability to store and retrieve energy in more efficient, applicative, and seamless ways will expand usage while cutting costs. That is about as ‘Grail-like’ as it comes.”