Afghanistan And The Dollar

“After two decades of occupation, one would think that Washington would have had the presence of mind to secure access to these minerals. It didn’t.”

An Important Labor Day Message

“The infrastructure bill and the possibility of a correction marks the beginning of a different trading environment than what most have experienced over the last year. However, my Σ Algorithm has identified several promising opportunities.”

Mental Capital

Most traders consider cash as their only capital. Still, we have another kind, MENTAL CAPTIAL – our brains can only attend to so much at one time. How large should your portfolio be?

Waiting for the Fall?

From my experience and historical data, I can say with some certainty that it isn’t an easy month to trade. Always keep in mind that the seasons of the market should influence how you trade. So, if September is so risky, should you even trade at all? Here are some tips to keep you safe and profitable while we wait for the Fall to Winter rally.


Start off each trading day right with

The dawn Report

Are you ready for The Great American Reset?