Dawn Report – January 18, 2022

Welcome back, but there’s no time to wait. We hit the ground running this Tuesday morning. In Israel, reports are coming in that even a fourth vaccination

Dawn Report – January 14, 2022

It’s a perfect storm against growth stocks. With inflation surging, more interest rate hikes on the way, and political gridlock preventing spending on infrastructure, investors

Dawn Report – January 13, 2022

It’s a record! Well, not the kind most people would want… Inflation has hit 7% year-over-year. In Europe, inflation hit 5% in December. This is

Dawn Report – January 12, 2022

Sometimes it feels like there is one world layered upon the other. In the “metaverse,” the digital world that is being created by several companies

Dawn Report – January 11, 2022

FOUR interest rate hikes. That’s the talk on the Street – and the prediction coming from institutions like Goldman Sachs. Obviously, that’s going to have

Dawn Report – January 10, 2022

We want something more. Look, there’s a vast industry dedicated to “measuring the national mood” or trying to figure out the General Will. Democracy, after

Dawn Report – January 7, 2022

While politics dominated yesterday, the markets had my attention. It was a fairly hopeful day. If you were paying attention to the headlines, it was

Dawn Report – January 6, 2022

Back to fundamentals. The Fed did the equivalent of throwing an asteroid at the stock market, especially with tech stocks. The central bank may be


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