BOOM: WMT, HD score BIG on earnings-beat

“Two big wins on earnings set the stage for more retail sales data today.”

“Both Walmart (WMT) and Home Depot (HD) posted better than expected earnings, which shows that inflation is not simply grinding retailers into the dirt.”

SHOCK: AMZN cuts 10,000 jobs

Mixed messages from the Fed might be a trial balloon.

So much of trading is dependent on “expectations” – what people think stocks will do in response to what some government official or powerful shareholder says.

BREAKING: The possible END of crypto

The “metaverse” is collapsing in real time.

Remember not to trust techno-messianic prophecies about what’s inevitable…

Elon Endorsement ROCKS Election Day

“It’s finally here.”

“And while I don’t want to be accused of doubting “Our Democracy,” I can’t help but think of Bill the Butcher screaming “it’s election day!” in Gangs of New York.”


Are you ready for The Great American Reset?