Fed head under fire

“Calm before the storm…”

“Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony today will shape the entire trading environment…”

Jim Cramer REALLY won’t like this…

“The ‘Inverse Cramer’ ETF is now available.”

“So if you’ve got your suspicious about Jim Cramer’s picks, you can now put your money behind your opinion…”

“Of course, our own Chris Hood was calling BS on the CNBC showman all the way back in September…”

The Death of the SPAC

“One of the big things that was supposed to change everything during the pandemic were SPAC’s – Special Purpose Acquisition Companies.”

“Or, as many call them, blank check companies.”

“These were going WILD during the pandemic trading boom.”

“But they’ve come and gone.”

MSFT Says Gamer Uprising NOW

Microsoft is trying to make a deal. The company’s proposed takeover of Activision Blizzard (ATVI) is absolutely critical to its long-term plans. And the stakes could not


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