The Coming AI War

“The best situation for consumers would be a price war between Google, Microsoft, Baidu, and others.”

The Dumbest, Most Important Fight Of Our Time

“I had a theory about politics I developed a long time ago. I may make some enemies with this one, but if you don’t have some people mad at you, you’re not saying anything interesting.”

Can Russia Win?

“However, we must be conscious that we in the West are also being fed propaganda. We may have a greater opportunity to seek out the truth than some Russians, but not by much. It takes effort. This is natural in war.”

Why Oil Prices Could Spike This Year

“Keep in mind that energy prices can shift remarkably quickly – but there are some good reasons to think oil is about to spike in price again.”

On Sound Money And Silver Profits

“If you were buying in late September when silver was $19 an ounce, you’re now looking at a gain of over 25% in about three months.”


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