The Yellow Sign – The Inverted Yield Curve

“It’s a sign people think that the short-term is going to be exceptionally volatile. It’s an expectation of trouble. It is a revealed preference that shows people fear recession.”

Chinese Economy Nearing A Reckoning

“Last year, China faced an existential economic crisis. While the government overcame it, the reckoning could have been simply delayed, not prevented.”

King Dollar Stays On The Throne

“Is this it? Is this the fabled collapse of the dollar and the end of the American world order. Is it the rise of currency free from any government’s control?
Far from it.”

The Real War Is About To Begin

“President Vladimir Putin will call for mass mobilization of Russia’s population, possibly even a declaration of war, at the Victory Day parade.”

The End of Woke Capital?

“The tight labor market is giving labor a great deal of power, and companies that were built in what seemed like a post-union era are now having to deal with massive unionization drives. Republicans may benefit most as capital comes crawling back to the conservatives.”

Is Twitter Too Big To Fail? Is Elon Musk?

“Think of the vast social movements that have been set in motion through Twitter and it’s ability to direct the masses in an almost coordinated fashion. It determines what is news and what is not. That power is priceless.”


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