On Predictions And The Election

“The Republicans can also be expected to obstruct President Biden’s economic policies, while still supporting aid to Ukraine (despite a vocal minority’s opposition.) We’ll end up with divided government.”

“Historically, for markets, that’s a good thing.”

Reasons For Caution On Tech Stocks

“The extraordinary economic growth that the United States and Europe enjoyed in recent years were premised upon three things…All of these things are now in jeopardy.”

Cashing In On China’s Collapse

“I’m happy to report that Rogue Investing Daily subscribers scored another triple digit win…
“However, in this case, I think these China trades have further to rise – or, more accurately, that China has further to fall.”

The Liberal World Order And Revisionist Powers

“Sun Tzu said in The Art of War that a surrounded enemy must be left a means of escape lest they fight to the death out of desperation. While President Biden diplomatically and economically strangles China, he should also leave China an out so Russia will remain an isolated, revisionist power facing a liberal world order that in many ways looks stronger than ever.”

The Cynic’s Case For A Crypto Recovery

“A CBDC provides practically unlimited opportunity for tyranny and government abuse, so we can probably assume it’s a sure thing as soon as they develop the ability to do it.”

War Without End

“The war will continue into 2023. No side has a way out, and Russia’s position isn’t as weak as reported.”


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