168% gain on September 21st

Emergency 2020 Communique

The Great American Reset

The biggest opportunities of the century
are about to blast to the surface…
and only a handful of investors will have the
chance to capture double-digit daily windfalls...

...And homeruns upwards of 6,300%

Below is the action plan for potentially becoming
one of America’s next “Reset” Millionaires

Starting every morning, before the opening bell

"I've made enough on your recommendations. I want all in."

- Janice Elliott

Dear Market Watcher,

I want to apologize for the 11th hour nature of this message.

But after watching the market drop, I couldn’t stay silent for another minute – not while so many investors are losing money… during a time when they could be making fortunes.

I’m talking about gains of 50%, 37%, and 30% within less than 24 hours.

In fact, I personally saw a 175% gain on Waitr within a single trading day.

And this was one minute before market closing.

In fact, over the last 30 days, my team has secured 19 winning trades… And these aren’t scalper profits.I’m talking about a...

  • 25% gain on CPRX in 7 days…
  • A 28% gain on RGR
  • 30% gain on RCUS within 8 hours…
  • A 50% gain on Moderna…
  • Even an incredible 93% gain on NVAX

Plus, as we speak, we have 18 more profitable trades in our open portfolio.

Yes, even while the Dow is shedding a historic 12% in less than a week…

Or on March 15, losing almost 3,000 points in a day...

While the Fed is cutting interest rates desperately… down to an unprecedented 0%…

Fed Slashes Rates to Near Zero, Vows Massive Bond-Buying Program

And injecting $1.5 trillion into the market…

Fed to Inject $1.5 Trillion in Bid to Prevent “Unusual Disruptions” in Markets

In addition to the President seeking a massive stimulus package from Congress to send Americans money to stay afloat…

Congress to send taxpayers $1200 checks
Daily Markets: Bringing Out The Biggest Fiscal and Monetary Guns in History
- nasdaq

Even while the politically connected are getting massive handouts.

Lobbying blitz yields wins for airliners, corporations, banks, unions
- The Hill

Even while entire nations are being quarantined.

More than half of all Americans have been ordered to stay at home.
All of Italy is in lockdown as coronavirus cases rise

Even during all of this, the people who know the right moves to make… are coming out of this wealthier than ever.

“In fact, on March 25th, legendary investor Bill Ackman made a legendary 10,000% gain by betting on the crisis – turning a $26 million stake into $2.6 billion.

But for investors like you, that kind of return is enough to turn even $5,000 into life-changing $500,000 windfall.”

As you’ll see in a second, the mayhem gripping the market is not something to be afraid of – instead, it is something you should leap on IMMEDIATELY, with both hands, to make more profit in the next 12 months than you’ve seen in the last 12 years.

Because what we’re seeing is not the “recession part 2” – it’s what we have begun calling THE GREAT AMERICAN RESET.

And if history has done anything, it has proven - time and time again - that these sharp downturns are the perfect setups for ricochet fortunes.

The market has surrendered thousands of points in frantic mania – but that money is moving into opportunities that could reward you life-changing gains at rapid fire speed.

Remember that billionaires like Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos, Pierre Omidyar,  Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Robin Li and Elon Musk came into power the last time we saw a correction like this…

That aggressive re-entry into the stock market increased the number of millionaires by 270,000 within one year after the dot com crash… making one out of every 125 Americans a millionaire.

That in the midst of the tech bubble we saw the birth of Google, Amazon, Facebook…

Companies that define the world of investing today.

I’ve spent my career in finance studying these situations, on the ground with Main Street investors to help insulate them from these events…

And today, I’ll show you how the team I’ve assembled has already begun weaponizing this GREAT AMERICAN RESET to target and capture investments as the top gets shaken off and new winners rocket upward.

Let me explain.

My name is Corey Snyder – I’m the publisher at Rogue Investing.

After rubbing elbows with the sons and daughters of Fortune 500 CEOs and walking the same brick paths of investment legends like Paul Tudor Jones at the University of Virginia, I spent years in the world of banking finance, working with millionaires to help them protect and grow their wealth.

I spent countless nights turning over every stone, researching every vague financial instrument to get my insurance product certifications and investment licenses - certifications that would allow me to participate in the investments of the super-wealthy, like private venture deals and more.

Private deals like the investment Chris Sacca made in Uber before it even went public - a deal that handed out a gain of 633,000%.

I wanted to use what I learned to help anyone from multi-millionaires to blue-collar mechanics like my father.

I planned to do it all from a high level office with a window.

I left that behind when I realized it was nothing short of highway robbery…

That investors were being sold “safe” investments that wouldn’t really protect them in the event of a freefall… all so brokers and bankers could get outsized bonus checks.

I worked with the largest financial institutions in the world -- the very same ones you see making headlines right now. During my time as a FINRA licensed rep, I saw the financial world’s real financial goal - to get more of your money in their pockets.

Like the time I helped an investor unearth a ticking time bomb in their portfolio that was pitched as a “flexible” investment product with a big payoff later on…

Only to amount to something that would cost him 3x what he had put in when I showed him it was set to implode…

Another time, I sat across from a man who was a true rag to riches millionaire, but who’d been scammed by an advisor that promised complete safety from the stock market and outrageous gains.

And after several years of locking up hundreds of thousands of his hard earned dollars, his investment gained a mere 1% annually…

This was during a time when the market gained 61% - meaning his “safety” net had cost him $56,529 for every $100,000 invested.

I met with a couple whose portfolio was costing them a fee double the national average… all because their money manager invited them to upscale events where they were wined and dined alongside others that were bleeding money to the same firm…

And you see commercials for this firm every time you watch CNBC.

But it didn’t stop there.

I witnessed a single mother whose former advisor took advantage of her trust.

He urged her to invest in a product far more complex than any “risky” investment — confusing even to seasoned financial veterans…

Without a full understanding of the details, she was unaware of what would happen when she needed money the most...

And after her daughter lost her life… when she needed to pay for her funeral... she saw her savings crushed under huge, administrative penalties. Penalties she had to pay before she could even access one cent of her own money!

You’ve seen the headlines about scandals that crushed people just like them.

  1. The Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy
  2. How The Third Avenue Fund Melted Down
  3. Germany Crisis: Deutsche bank shares plummet to record levels -- worse than 2008 crash.

I couldn’t stomach being part of a system that let Main Street hold the bag for Wall Street’s failures.

Which is why I founded Rogue Investing - with a mission to get Main Street investors the real wealth-building strategies they need - not the financial money traps cooked up by clever financiers.

Corrupt investment ‘guidance’ and brutal market volatility have ruined investors for decades and market volatility has ruined investors for decades…

And we’ve seen this in a huge way over the last few weeks, as countless trillions of investor wealth were blasted off the map in the blink of an eye.

The stock market erased $6 trillion in wealth
Dow endures worst day since “Black Monday”
“Circuit breaker” triggered again to keep stocks from falling through floor.
- cnbc

In fact, one estimate says over $100 billion was immediately ripped from the market within the first 15 minutes of market open on March 12th.

Stores ran out of toilet paper as neighborhoods were put into lockdown.

In the course of a few months, the Dow cast off nearly 36 months worth of growth…

Vaporizing all the gains of the market during the Trump presidency.

In fact, this is the fastest bear market in U.S. history - with only 16 days of trading to close in negative territory.

Even the “kings” of industry – Tesla, Apple, Visa, and Alphabet – saw catastrophic drops.

This is not meant to be alarmist.

On the contrary…

This May Be The Most Significant Millionaire-Making Event of the 2000s

I want to be absolutely clear: here at Rogue Investing, this is not a situation to fear - it’s an opportunity to capitalize on.

Keep in mind - while the market has seen four of its biggest down days ever in the last few weeks… it has also had some of the largest rallies of the last 90 years.

Stocks post biggest rally since 2008
- cnbc
Dow Soars More Than 11% In Biggest One-Day Jump Since 1993

What we’re seeing is a setup that will turn anyone with focus into a millionaire… virtually overnight, just like it scored Bill Ackman a 10,000% return in less than 30 days.

There will only be two groups as the markets struggle for equilibrium: the ones who are levelled by the mayhem, and the ones who make money hand-over-fist while the volatility rages.

Market collapse leaves the best opportunity to pick stocks “maybe ever,” Bank of America says
- cnbc
BlackRock’s Rieder says it’s time to selectively buy “once in a lifetime” stock bargains.
- cnbc
“One of the buying opportunities of a lifetime”: Here’s why Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel thinks the coronavirus driven stock slump is laying the foundation for a massive bounce back

People like Loïc Féry, the head of a London-based credit investment firm Chenavari Investment Managers.

He is up 62% since the crisis began.

Think about that - while the market has lost $11.5 trillion in value, he has seen every $100,000 become $162,000.

And that’s a man running a fund. Smaller traders are seeing even bigger, more outrageous wins.

Consider that if you had simply purchased the ProShares Short 500 ETF on March 4th and sold March 12, you would have made a gain of 40%.

And this was a simple win - from an ETF.

Opportunities better and beyond this are manifesting at just about every moment…

While the media is pitching this as an apocalypse – as the beginnings of a new recession, or worse – some investors are making daily returns that make the bull run look like a drop in the bucket.

Here is the fact I’m going to prove to you - every single fall sets the stage for one thing – A RESET that unleashes more immediate, moonshot gains than any “steady growth” situation could ever hope to achieve.

Remember - following the Dot Com crash, America saw 270,000 new millionaires created.

I believe we will surpass that in the months ahead.

Once you’ve seen the evidence from a bird’s eye view, I think you’ll understand this “historic crash” is a critically urgent opportunity to balloon your wealth.

But let me be clear – if you’re relying on gold, silver, oil, Bitcoin, or any of these go-to investments in a flight to safety  – you’re setting yourself up for a harsh wakeup.

Each “reset” awakens the sleeping giants of a different sector…

In 2008, the subprime crisis reset the market - and set the stage for the longest bull market in history, one just ending now.  There were massive gains in almost every sector. Ulta Beauty gained over 7,100 percent.

Biomedical company Abiomed gained over 6,400 percent.

Netflix gained over 6,300 percent.

In 2001, the tech wreck reset the market - and created a legendary surge for Apple, Alphabet (Google), and Amazon.

In 1987, Black Monday reset the market - and we saw the historic bull run from December 1987 to July 1990, with the S&P 500 gaining 65 percent.

Even as far back as 1929, the Great Depression reset the market - and gave birth to Disney, Marriot, and McKee Foods, famous for its “Little Debbie” cookies.

That’s hundreds of billions in market capitalization -companies which are all household names.

We’ll dive into these more in a second.

But in the studies we’ve conducted, this truth has held firm through the history of the American markets.

Resets Throughout The Last Century

My point is, The Great American Reset of 2020 has cleared the board - and marked every top-shelf opportunity down to fire sale prices.

And the sector we’ve seen a fire lit under stands to spin off faster wins than I’ve ever personally witnessed over the last 12 years.

Let me take you back to one major reset:

Reset 1987

On October 19, 1987, the Dow Jones lost 22% of its value in a single day. This was before the era of circuit breakers, when market makers were expected to handle damage control and keep the market from free-falling.

The system failed - and a global economic crisis of near unparalleled proportions struck.

Everyone loves to show you this chart:

But fewer show this:

During this crash, while investors were flinging themselves from buildings, a handful of investments were preparing for parabolic leaps.

Within two years, the market had recovered all its gains.

From October 1990 to December 1999, the Dow increased from 4,733.24 to 17,671.07

On December 29, 1989, Dell sold for a split adjusted price of less than six cents. Microsoft sold around $1.21 a share.

A report from Ned Davis Research found that if you had invested $5,000 in Dell at the beginning of the decade, you’d have had $4.5 million by the end.

If you had put in $5,000 in Microsoft in 1989, you’d have almost $500,000 by the end of the 1990s.

The LA Times reported that Clear Channel Communications, Inc. soared 14,488% during the 1990s.

And let’s not forget - Paul Tudor Jones became a billionaire.

But we’re just getting warmed up.

RESET 2001

During the great dot com crash, the NASDAQ declined to 1,114 by October 9, 2002. Within five years, it was at 3,539.59.

Think of the stocks that emerged during this decade on the NASDAQ.

Amazon went public in 1997.

Netflix went public in 2002.

Monster went public in 2003.

If you had bought each of these at their IPO, you would have made returns of 129,000% and 34,340%. Monster ultimately brought in returns of 70,000%.




RESET 2008

Or think of the 2008 crash. From December 1, 2007 to February 1, 2009, the Dow plummeted from 16,342.26 to 8,609.71

But from that point until December 2019, the Dow jumped to 28,738.21

That’s around a 250% total growth.

What could you have made during this historic bull run?

  • Lululemon Athletica grew 9,635 percent
  • Nexstar Media Group grew 18,362 percent
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals grew 20,544 percent

Just as a few examples.

Hopefully you understand what I mean now…

We’ve even seen this on a smaller scale - like in 2018 during the December Flash Crash, when the S&P 500 fell 11% within one month based on trade war fears.

I remember everyone saying that month it was the beginning of the end.

“Nearly half of US CFOs fear a 2019 recession”
“Another Warning That A 2019 recession is coming”
- Forbes
“A recession is coming. Trump will make it so much worse.”
- Washington Post

However, within just 12 months, the market had rallied 31% from that bottom.

Are you starting to see the rebound possibilities of these sharp crashes?

Right now, though, we are in a prime moment - when huge amounts of disenfranchised capital is looking for a new home.

Some of the best companies in the world are literally trading at fire-sale prices

Like world famous MGM Resorts International (MGM), a -81.76% loss from a high of $32.35 to a low of $5.9 in one month.

But experts and analysts say MGM has at least a year of cash cushion. This is a company that FORTUNE magazine recognized as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” two months prior.

Then there’s Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH), down -86.57% in just 30 days.

Just before this, SEC filings showed 38 hedge funds held NCLH at the end of Q4 2019. Firms like Morgan Stanley have gone on to say the cruise line giant “has enough liquidity to get through nearly five months without the need to raise capital.”

And what of Silicon Valley’s sweetheart? The number one ride-sharing UBER was down -66.75% from $41.23 to just $13.71 per share.

But analysts state UBER’s value “remains tied to growth trends that will play out long after coronavirus-driven disruptions have subsided.”

And let’s not forget Chevron (CVX). A -53.55% drop from a high of 111.09 to only 51.60

This is a company that beat its anticipated earnings in both Q3 and Q4 of 2019. A company that S&P Global Market Intelligence marks an 85 in overall quality compared to its peers.

Now, for the fun part. During bear markets, you get a chance to buy stocks you've always wanted at prices you never thought possible.
- kiplinger
Coronavirus Crash Reduces 18 Major Companies To Penny Stocks

And we want to give you all the guidance you need to hit the ground running.

My team has just finished up an urgent report called The Great American Reset: Three Shakeout Winners For The Decade’s Biggest Rebound.

In this report, we’re outlining the three most important trades you should make right now…

The three companies making up the tip of the spear in The Great American Reset…

At a time of historic market declines, every single one has delivered gains for investors. And because each of these companies is at the forefront of researching vaccines and/or possible cures for the coronavirus, each one of these could be on the verge of going parabolic.

While we could charge hundreds - perhaps thousands - for this roadmap, I’m going to make it available to you within minutes of joining our brand new publication… Rogue Investing Daily.

And I have no hesitation when I say - this could be among the most significant decisions you make in your investing career.

Because we’ve curated this blueprint specifically to help you conquer the market.

The panic and paranoia gripping the economy will likely hold for months – even aggressive estimates say it could take 4 to 6 months just to recover old highs.

When Will the Stock Market Recover? The Pain Isn’t Over.
Here’s how long stock market corrections last and how bad they can get
How Long do Funds Take to Recover From a Crisis?

And when it comes to setting new, bullish benchmarks - buy and hold investors could find themselves on the bench for some time.

Based on over a century of historical crash data, hitting a new high after a dip of this caliber could take 36 months.

Opinion: Why it could take three years for the stock market to reach new heights

But remember… while money was being torn from the hands of people who sat by, watching it happen, the people who are swooping in and leveraging these opportunities are making out like bandits.

The key driver right now is not financial, but medical… meaning that money will jump back into the market when the crisis ends.

Again – our team here at Rogue Investing has already accurately pinpointed biotech stocks like Inovio, Moderna, and Cocrystal Pharma at the perfect times.

And based on our intel – it’s only going to accelerate.

Which is why we’ve pulled to trigger to make Rogue Investing Daily available to the public.

I want to give you the first ever invitation to be among the people on the winning side of this RESET.

I want you to see what it’s like to double your money in a day while the market sheds 500 points…

What it’s like to quintuple your account while the S&P regains merely 50%.

Which is why I’ve just given the go ahead to publish our private in-house reports to the public…

We call it Rogue Investing Daily.

Every day we pull the most urgent, market-impacting data to help you make focused decisions.

This is market insights from myself, and some of the most elite insiders I’ve come across.

Elites like “Mr. X.”

Insider Speaks

For legal reasons, I can’t tell you who Mr. X is - his associations with people like Peter Thiel have made it a virtual requirement we keep his identity secret.

However, Mr. X is one of the main contributors to our internal research…

Like the other day, when I received a message in my inbox at 2:11 AM to buy Inovio… just before it began a ride that took it almost 50% higher within a single trading day

On March 10, at 1:53 AM, he said,

MRNA [Moderna] is still the best bet to deliver a vaccine quickly.
On Monday, March 16, Moderna dosed its first patient.

The stock rose over 17 percent on a day when the Dow lost 3,000 points.

On March 9, at 4:17 AM, he said,

Cocrystal Pharma Inc. is the stock for first thing Monday morning.

Within hours, the stock had jumped more than 30 percent.

On March 2 at 11: 29 PM, he said,

look for a lot of movement early this morning [on March 3] with Omeros [OMER].

The stock jumped 37 percent the next day.

Or even on March 18th, when “Mr. X” issued a Big Buy on Sturm Ruger & Company stock before the market opened.

By the end of the day, the Dow had dipped 1,300 points… a 6% drop.

RGR stock had rallied 11%.

And then there was April 16th, when Mr. X recommended a buy on Arcus that morning. That day, the stock saw an 80% runup.

And while investors everywhere were drowning in the bloodletting - “Mr. X” had nothing but green in his portfolio.

Of course, “Mr. X” is not the only one.

We also receive insights from one of the leading West Coast venture capitalists… a man who was in at the ground-floor of not only the marijuana boom, but even as far back as the creation of tire pressure sensors.

Each of these people - and others - feed us information from across the country… even across the world… to produce a panoramic x-ray of the market.

This is the heart and soul of Rogue Investing Daily.

Frankly, I think it is the best decision you could make right now… and something completely unprecedented.

Here’s how it works.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with a blueprint for the market.

Imagine knowing which stocks were the previous days winners, seeing where the trend is moving every morning, having a clear action-plan to monetize the most up-to-the-minute press releases, index futures reports, and distilled media information.

That’s exactly how we execute this publication.

Every morning, before you wake up, you’ll have a new article with full details on what happened in the market, what my team is forecasting, the investments to buy, the investments to sell, and what to keep an eye on.

You’ll receive these every single day the market is open.

Meaning you’ll never start the day blind – whether the market is up or down, I’ve set a task force to it so you’ll come into the markets, guns blazing.

Here’s why - in this market, in the economy we’re moving into, giving blanket statements on “what to buy” and “what to sell” for weeks at a time is asking for one thing: headaches.

Just look at the VIX Volatility index.

Within 60 days, it moved into a 12 year high.

And on March 16th, it actually spiked 30% in a single day.

We are talking unprecedented levels of volatility.

Even in our recent internal issues of Rogue Investing Daily, we’ve seen some big returns by capitalizing on all this…

Take just some recommendations from February 27:

  • Novavax jumped almost 60 percent within one day
  • Alpha Pro Tech leapt 31 percent within just hours

If you had bought the Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X Shares (TZA)  before the market opened on the 16th, you would have seen a return of 35% in the first 15 minutes  of the market opening.

Again - these opportunities are coming to the front every single day.

Meaning that tomorrow morning you’ll receive your very first alerts…

But I want to do even better.

Before I show you how to get started… there’s one more thing I’d like to make available to you.

This is a bit more urgent - but I think you’ll really like it.

Furthemore, I think it is a vital bit of intel to have in your arsenal.

Corona Crash Survival Guide

It’s a special report we’ve called Coronacrash Survival Guide: The Coming Biotech Kings

The Great American Reset has unlocked a surplus of grand-slam investments… but the coronavirus that ignited the fuse for it stands to spin off the biggest gangbusters of all.

This is perhaps the most dire disease of the last century - and the first time since 1918 we’ve seen countries immobilized, borders closed, even curfews and localized quarantines in the United States.

Shutdowns across the nation on bars, restaurants, bans on gatherings beyond a certain size are all having a devastating effect on the economy.

Even the recent San Francisco Bay area lockdown, which put a record 2% of the U.S. population into the equivalent of house arrest.

In “defining moment,” San Francisco to order residents to stay home over coronavirus.
Mayor announces drastic measures to curb spread of COVID-19 alongside five other Bay Area counties
Coronavirus Cost to Businesses and Workers: “It Has All Gone to Hell”
As the outbreak forces the cancellation of trips, nights out and large gatherings, economic damage is mounting across the country.
The coronavirus should be thought of as a CAT 5 hurricane that may hit not just a few states but the entire country, may cause nationwide destruction, and may cripple the financial system, and the U.S. economy.

Consider this: during the 2008 financial crisis, we saw a near $29 trillion initiative by the government to stop the bloodletting.

With the current world-altering power of COVID-19, I’m expecting no less.

Especially with the White House acknowledging the risk of outright recession.

Again - for investors paying attention, this is an opportunity to generate untold wealth from a RESET of nearly unparalleled speed and magnitude.

One of the key ways is supporting the key contenders in the race for a real medical solution.

The company which engineers the vaccine will stand out, easily, as one of the greatest winners of the decade.

Take Novavax, one of the companies that’s seeking a coronavirus vaccine right now. It’s been here before… in August 2005, it reported positive results for a vaccine for the avian flu. The stock leapt from 74 cents that month to $8.31 in March 2006… a 1,023% gain in seven months.

In August 2015, Aquinox Pharmaceuticals reported positive test results for a drug to treat bladder pain. It gained over 1000% within three days… and at one point was up over 30,000%.

Or take Exact Sciences. It developed a screening procedure for colon cancer and over the last bull run that just ended, it gained over 8,307%.

I believe my team has found the soon to be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities of this situation.

We’ve tapped into the well of every press release… every deal flowing behind the scenes in the pharmaceutical world… and uncovered the three companies in the biotech sector making the biggest forward leaps in the battle against the coronavirus.

One company is already testing an existing treatment that could halt the pandemic in its tracks.

Another has experience in combating similar diseases and is already suggesting it could have a treatment “quickly.”

A final company has already received millions of dollars in grants from a leading foundation to pursue a vaccine.

If you do nothing but purchase these three stocks and wait, you have the potential to find yourself on a warchest of profits in the months ahead.

Without a doubt, these companies will be pivotal to manufacturing the vaccine that could reduce COVID19 to being as dire as the season flu.

This report, Coronacrash Survival Guide: The Coming Biotech Kings, will tackle every question.

We’ve broken down the science of how the virus transfers…

The successful and unsuccessful steps to producing a treatment...

The various government actions and why they’ve failed in containment…

And, most importantly, the three most important firms today to invest in.

Plus, we’ve included the “picks and shovels” plays that are moving behind the scenes…

One company is up almost 70% in the last month - with no signs of slowing down.

On the contrary, in the new “viral” era, it may become one of the cornerstone investments of many major portfolios.

All of that is in this report.

And the moment you sign up for Rogue Investing Daily, I’ll be letting my team know to rush you a copy… along with your copy of The Great Reset: Three Shakeout Winners For The Decade’s Biggest Rebound.

The best part is how easy it is to get started.

While this is a daily investment publication…

Something I’ve seen folks charge upwards of $2,000 for

I know how crucial it is for you to get this information we’ve prepared.

More importantly, it’s imperative you don’t miss even a fraction of the profits speeding towards investors with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Which is why Rogue Investing Daily is so radically different.

It’s not $2,000.

Or $1,000.

Or even $500.

Instead, you can wake up every morning to immediately usable ways to position your money and profit at the drop of a hat…

With daily, up to the minute advice…

For $100 per month.

But - because this is the first time we’ve ever offered this publication…

The first time I’ve ever agreed to share my team’s internal research…

Including the work of “Mr. X” and his high-profile economic and political network… including the insights of a venture capitalist at the forefront of private money deals in the West Coast hotbed of angel investing…

Because I’ve never signed off on anything like this before…

I want to do something special.

I want to give you, as the first 1,000 today… the chance to join at an even lower rate.

The lowest we will ever offer this for.

As one of the first 1,000 members of Rogue Investing Daily, your membership fee will never cross over $29.97 per month.

That’s the equivalent of 98 cents per day.

But frankly… these reports are a drop in the bucket.

Because the most important element here will be the daily updates - hitting your inbox every single morning.

Not only will we be monitoring all these positions in 24 hour cycles…

We’ll be nailing down the new ones to jump on…

The investments that have lost their momentum and have reached a profitable selling point…

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse of technology… biotech… crypto… gold…

In one fell swoop, you’ll have a satellite image view of the markets, the economy, and the political environment that could cause them to swing.

Again - for $29.97 a month. The equivalent of 98 cents a day.

We’ve priced this to make it easily available.

And you can actually cancel any time, with no hassle. There is no obligation to make any more payments after your first month.

I worked too long in the banking world, where people were strong-armed into weak investments that stopped serving them.

I never want you to feel like you’re not coming out ahead as a member of Rogue Investing Daily.

The Great American Reset is a time of enormous opportunity - and after a decade in finance, working with billionaires, elite hedge fund managers, and legendary traders, I’ve come to the conclusion only one thing matters: results.

Which is why Rogue Investing Daily comes with an unheard of two-tier guarantee:

First, you can cancel your membership at any time after your first month. You’ll never pay more than you think the research we send you every morning is worth.

Second, if you stick with us an entire year and don’t see Rogue Investing Daily deliver total gains of 300% or better… Just contact my team and I’ll have a refund for your entire year of membership paid back to you.

You can hold our feet to the fire for 12 months and force us to prove ourselves.

Plus, you can keep everything you received - every report we publish for members, every trade we’ve recommended, every profit.

I leave it in your hands.

Because I know that within the first 30 days, you’ll see the same immense value I see - how game-changing it is to have someone in the trenches, at your side, guiding you through the pandaemonium.

With that said, let me recap everything you get the moment you sign up today:

Rogue Intraday Alerts: These will not be every day - but if the market makes abrupt moves or something changes between our AM report and the close, we will immediately send you our take and how to best respond to whatever is taking place. I expect this will end up being a “take profits” alert more than anything else 

Rogue Weekly Wrap Up: Every week, you’ll receive a breakdown of everything we’ve covered over the last week. Think of this as a regular post-mortem to look over failures, successes, and to make forecasts on next steps. We also include a weekly mailbag, so you can have any pressing questions sent in during the week addressed. 

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