Shorting the Market – Timing is Everything

Just keep this in mind when you hear predictions about an impending crash or recession. Don’t jump watch a video on macroeconomic analysis, then go buy puts that expire in 30 days.

Forget Your Opinions – Forget the Hype

You cannot make money in a market like this without a proven system and a strict plan. Bear markets are unforgiving. Sloppy trading in this environment will leave you penniless.

The Day the Market Stood Still

I would be cautious about opening bullish positions on the broader market (SPY, QQQ, IWM, etc.) or high-beta stocks. Sure there remain opportunities for long position plays in energy and commodities. But be careful what you trade.

What Do You Expect? Price and Probability

Let’s assume we believe, according to our indicators, that Friday’s rally in SPY will continue this week. It’s a situation that seems likely unless Powell’s statements on Wednesday are unexpectedly hawkish.

Is it time for a break?

If you’re living in a constant state of anxiety and fear, something needs to change before you have a heart attack. Never sacrifice your health for money.

Three Traits of Profitable Traders

“Selling 0-1 DTE credit spreads and iron condors off the 12-min chart has given me 90 winners out of my past 100 trades.”

Bear Market Rallies – Historical Context

“Bear market rallies are not the exception but the norm. The majority of down markets since 1901 have seen multiple rallies of 10% or more before eventually bottoming.”


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