Process Driven Trading

I talk to traders daily who get scared and exit perfectly good trades just because of their unrealized P/L dips.

Confidence – The Key to Victory

I’ve written a lot about the overly risky trader, but if you’re too conservative, here are some ways to get yourself in the game and start cashing in.

Stop Orders on Credit Spreads?

I don’t like giving my broker and the stop-hunting algos anything to work with. Showing them your point of max pain is like tipping your hand at a game of high-stakes poker. It’s just not advisable.

Optimizing Your Performance

Without logging your trades, calculating your win rates and profit factors, and identifying trading errors, YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE success in the market.

The Price is Right

“You’re a trader.”

“So you know just how fast options can reprice.”

Finding Your Edge

Loosely defined it’s anything that gives you a higher probability of winning than losing on your trades. Sometimes it’s referred to as a “positive expectancy system.” That’s a mouthful – so I prefer edge.

The Greedy Beast

Retail traders don’t create market waves, but we can ride those created by institutional traders. We just have to have a proven system based on statistical probability.


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