Time Waits for No One

Be sure to track your delta and theta, or you can get into a situation where you’re bleeding money so fast that even a run on the stock won’t make you any profit.

Constant Surveillance

Build your watchlists and check them regularly for solid trade opportunities using your most successful strategies in line with your plan.
A simple task, but one that will ensure you can always profit-making opportunities.

Making that Paper

Always remember that the planned trade is only the first step.
The real art and science is less about picking the trades than managing them. 

The Early Bird

“It’s herd mentality at its finest, not much different than the crazy crowds of people trampling one another at a store trying to get the best Black Friday deals.”

Putting for the Green

The best traders are those who can make money regardless of the market condition.

The Language of Stocks

With just a bit of chart reading skill and some knowledge of fundamental technicals such as Keltner channels, these pull-backs become easy to predict.

Revenge Trading

Emotional control is the absolute key to trading success. It’s more important than any set-up, chart pattern, or technical indicator.

The Price Is Right

If you can’t answer this question, then don’t place the trade. 



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