Covered Calls and Leveraged ETFs – Know the Risks

“The power of double and triple-leveraged ETFs is immense. They can provide fantastic returns on solid setups. However, they do pose some unique risks when using covered calls. Let me explain.”

Average Down? Not a Chance

“After reading some recent financial analysis pieces, I’m troubled by the idea they promote about averaging down by buying these stocks right now. Here’s why.”

Buying Time – Put Expiration Strategy Guide

“Each day you hold a long option (call or put), its value decreases. And the value drop increases in speed every day closer to expiration.
At 30 days or less before the contract expires, it really starts to bleed out.”

The Market is Falling – Get Short or Get Out!

“We’re below the 50, 100, and 200 MAs on the daily. We’ve lost the support of the 50 and 100 MAs on the weekly. And we’re even below the 21 MA on the MONTHLY chart. That, my friends, is about as bearish as it gets.”

Storm Clouds are Rolling In

“I’ve been looking at lots of market sentiment data recently…and it doesn’t look good. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen data this bleak. It’s even worse than the pandemic.”

Avoiding Bull Traps 101

“We’ve had a couple of green days in the market. And I know this very instant that many retail traders are about to make a disastrous decision in their accounts.”

The One Key to Trading Success

“I’m continually asked by clients and newer traders what is the most essential attribute of a successful trader. Is it intelligence? Nope”

Learning How to Short

“Most newer traders have never known a bear market, where equity prices are down 20% or more from recent all-time highs. In fact, before the pandemic in March 2020, we had been in a continuous bull market for nearly 11 years. The typical 25-year-old trader was just 14 during the last sustained downtrend.”


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