Lessons from Darvas

For those looking to do some reading on great traders, I highly recommend the classic book by Nicolas Darvas, “How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market”. Though Darvas wrote the book in 1960 and didn’t trade options, the insights of his self-taught trading career are valuable to this day.

Train Your Brain to Win

Trading isn’t just about trades. In fact, your mindset is more important than any set-up, stock, or strike price. This was my most significant personal challenge as a trader – realizing that no one was to blame for my results but myself. Here are some tips to help dial in your trading psychology.

Lose Small to Win Big

Every successful trader develops specific strategies that work best for him – two traders with radically different approaches can both be exceptionally profitable. We’re all different, but we can all make money if we trade smart.

Retail Trading Rollercoaster

“The biggest problem for traders isn’t making money. It’s keeping it.” The standard journey of the new retail trader can be a frightening one, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a solid plan and a great coach.

Riding Bullish Trends

In markets with low implied volatility, focusing on directional options buying strategies makes the most sense. Selling in low IV environments doesn’t pay you enough for the risk you take. Lower premium, higher risk, and the possibility of a volatility spike offsetting the time erosion you hope for make options selling a less-than-optimal strategy.

The Secret to Building Real Wealth

We trade for profits, but what we do with those profits matters for long-term wealth building. My trading plan is set up to produce a consistent, predetermined income each week. It’s the same method I teach all my subscribers.

Leveraged ETFs – Caveat Emptor

The allure of trading options on leveraged ETFs is just too hard for many beginners to resist. I’m here to tell you. Resist the urge. Learn how these products actually work and if you actually want to trade them.

Options Trading in Uncertain Times

Like most things, trading can be frustrating, and we can never completely eliminate risk. What’s more, the trading landscape changes just like the seasons. These tips can help beginners and advanced traders alike minimize risk and maximize profits.



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