GM trying to pay workers to leave

What is the psychological meaning of a “payoff”?

GM is trying to pay off more than half of its salaried employees.

That’s just after it announced it is laying off 500 people.

Now, they’re calling it a “Voluntary Separation Program.” They even have a cute little acronym for it that sounds like a medical condition, VSP.

But let’s be clear about what it really means. “You are too much trouble and we want you gone.”

“Employees are strongly encouraged to consider the program,” said GM. “By permanently bringing down structured costs, we can improve vehicle profitability and remain nimble in an increasingly competitive market.”

And left unsaid… given that we just laid off hundreds of employees, if we can’t cut costs enough, we are going to have to do it again.

Now, this isn’t morally illegitimate or unheard of.

The job of corporate leadership is to take care of the best interests of the company in the long run.

That doesn’t always mean what’s best for employees.

It also doesn’t necessarily mean what’s best for shareholders. (Mr. X wrote on this yesterday).

What it does mean is that under the brutal but inevitable logic of the free market system, everyone has a price tag.

Everyone is part of a competitive marketplace.

The only easy day was yesterday.

And we have to make our own way. No one else is going to take care of us.

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Coaches Corner

“The past two days have been a literal market bloodbath for the bulls. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen such a systemic sell-off in risk assets. It seems that we’re nearing the point of investor capitulation. I trade solely on my indicators, not my biases, and it appears that there’s little stopping us from a retest of the $3812.00 level on SPX that has been the sole support against a complete market crash. While I don’t know when this retest will happen, I’m almost sure it will.”

“When you look across the market, there’s almost no green. Times like this make everyone want to go short and profit from the sell-off. However, I want to caution you about “shorting in the hole.” Markets are like rubber bands – when you stretch them, they snap back.
It’s called “mean reversion,” As tempted as you might be to load up to puts, there’s a higher probability of a rebound than a continued fall in the immediate future.”

“Take a look at the SPX 78-min chart below.”

The last five bars are from Thursday. The majority of the down move has already happened. Before we get to $3812.00, we’ll need to contend with the green resistance bar at $3885.00. So while we can expect more downward pressure, be cautious about a reversal at that level.


POTUS Wants Tax Hikes, SVB DISASTER, ’45 Faces Indictment

  • Read My Lips – All New Taxes – President Joe Biden is trying to take the issue of fiscal responsibility from the GOP with a program of tax hikes. He wants at least a 25% minimum tax on wealthy Americans, an increase in the corporate tax rate, and a top 39.6% tax rate. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has already spoken against tax increases.
  • SVB Financial Group In Meltdown – SIVB was down more than 60% during the trading day and almost 22% in after-hours. The company is looking to raise $2.25 billion and has shed almost all of its available-for-sale securities. The company said it is being hit hard by higher interest rates and “elevated cash burn from our clients” – and had to spend the day scrambling to assure them that their money is safe.

At times, trading was halted because of surging volatility
  • Donald Trump May Be Facing Indictment – Former president Donald Trump has been invited to testify to a grand jury about alleged hush money payments to an adult actress during the 2016 campaign. The invitation for him to testify is seen as an indication that the case is moving forward rather than being shut down. ’45 has denied all illegal conduct and is still moving forward with his run for president.

  • Disney Backing Off From Marvel – Even Disney (DIS) thinks there have been too many Marvel movies and TV shows. CEO Bob Iger asked out loud whether characters need a “third or fourth” sequel and suggested it may be time to turn to other characters. “There’s nothing in any way inherently off in terms of the Marvel brand,” he said. However, he said new people need to be brought in. “We’re going to turn back to the Avengers franchise, but with a whole different set of Avengers.

HOT SPOTS: What’s Going on in Geopolitics

  • Xi Jinping Gets An Unprecedented Third Term – The People’s Republic of China is a personal authoritarian state in all but name. Xi Jinping secured a third term as president and was also reappointed as chairman of the Central Military Commission. He is moving to reassert the Communist Party’s control of the country, especially over the once powerful business interests.
  • Gulf Cartel Dumps Off Kidnappers, Apologizes – The Gulf Cartel tied up and dumped five assassins accused of involvement in the kidnapping of four American citizens in an incident that led to two American dead, as well as a Mexican caught by a stray bullet. A note with the suspects apologized to the families in South Carolina. The case has prompted outrage in the United States, with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) calling for the “fury and might” of the American military to be unleashed.

  • Russia Uses Hypersonic Missile Barrage – About 80 Russian missiles hit power generators and other infrastructure in Ukraine earlier this week. About 150,000 people were left without power – at least six were killed. Ukraine admitted its air defenses were helpless against such attacks.

CUTTING EDGE: Whats Happening In Tech

  • ALS Drug Gets Orphan Drug Designation – RAG-17 from Ractigen Therapeutics has received orphan drug status from the FDA. The drug is designed to limit the expression of the SOD1 gene, which has been linked to ALS development. The company’s founder said “we are eager to bring RAG-17 to ALS patients as soon as possible, as we believe this therapy can have significantly higher efficacy in patients with the SOD1 mutation, compared to other modalities.
  • Oceans Filled With Plastic – According to a new paper in the PLOS ONE journal, there are more than 170 trillion plastic particles in the ocean. Furthermore, “cleanup is futile if we continue to produce plastic at the current rate.” Member states of the United States will meet in the spring in order to work out an agreement to reduce plastic pollution – possibly meaning more restrictions on industry.

  • Scientists Wake Up A Frozen Virus For Some Reason – Having learned nothing, scientists decided to wake up a 48,000 year-old frozen virus from permafrost in Siberia. Scientists argue that viruses and risks to human health contained in permafrost, which covers 15% of land in the Northern Hemisphere, may be freed by climate change. The bad news – the frozen virus can still infect humans.”

Lovecraft very specifically warned us against this

“Trading is a game of probabilities, and there’s no way around taking losses. But cultivating the mindset to handle those losses is the only way to regain momentum.”

Don’t trade to avoid losing. Always be pursuing the gain. Sounds great – but what does that mean in real terms? Your trading coach, Chris Hood, has the information you need here.

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