Fed head under fire

Calm before the storm…

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony today will shape the entire trading environment.

The main unknown is the state of the jobs market.

Interestingly enough, we’ll be getting plenty of reports on that this week – but not until later.

That means Powell’s exact wording is going to be dissected even more precisely than usual… because we don’t have the hard numbers to compare it to.

It’s important to remember that Powell is a political figure, for all the central bank’s boasts of being a nonpartisan institution.

It’s hard to imagine anything more political than deciding whether the government should prioritize fighting inflation or fighting unemployment.

(Oh, wait, I forgot. The Fed is a non-government institution, right? Lol. Lmao, even.)

We’re going to see tremendous volatility in the market today.

Don’t sweat it.

The tools we’ve discussed should allow you to see some of the signs before potential trades react.

This isn’t our first rodeo… and won’t be our last.

Check out Chris Hood’s comments below to see how to play it… and don’t miss Mr. X on the long-term outlook.

Keep Moving,

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“Markets like these aren’t easy to trade.”

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen massive 3 ATR moves in both directions – often within a single day. The bullish run from Friday stalled, and it gave back a good portion of the gains yesterday.”

“Unfortunately, this meandering price action driven by equal parts greed and fear is typical of bear markets. And with the Fed speaking to Congress this week, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.”

“I recommend you pay close attention to your indicators and get rid of your opinions on where we’re headed. If you’re going to play the game, I suggest you focus on intraday trades. Holding long-term trades currently seems to be financial suicide.”

“The one thing I’m certain of is that volatility will kick up during Powell’s congressional testimony. Play it safe – keep your positions small and your stops tight.”

“I’ve been eyeing XME, the Materials and Mining Sector ETF, for a potential long trade. It has some work to do, but it is worth putting on your watchlist. Take a look at the 78-min chart above.”

“Money has been flowing into this sector, and a break above resistance at $58.06 could lead to some major upside. Set an alert on your platform to capitalize on it.

Chris Hood




More Layoffs At Meta, Ukraine Fights On In Bakhmut, RIVN Down

  • EV Company In Freefall – RIVN fell more than 6% in after-hours trading after it announced it was selling $1.3 billion in bonds to increase capital.  The stock has lost about 60% of its value over the past year.
  • Ukraine Doesn’t Retreat In Bakhmut – In what could prove to be a momentous military decision, Ukraine is not pulling out of the symbolically important city of Bakhmut in Donbas. The city has little strategic value, but has been host to a brutal slugfest between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and pro-Russian paramilitaries with the Wagner Corporation.

Wagner Corporation Leader Yevgeny Prigozhin ripped Russia’s military establishment, suggesting his troops needed more ammunition
  • Tech Bloodbath Continues – Meta Platforms (META) just cut 11,000 people, but will Mark Zuckerberg stop there? NO! Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp’s Daddy is expected to announce more job cuts as soon as this week. It’s just the latest in the endless layoffs for the tech industry.

  • 10-Year Treasury Yield Hits 4% – The 10-year Treasury yield hit 4% (briefly) for the first time since November, and that has investors thinking twice about stocks. With Treasury securities looking more attractive, investors are tempted to pull money out of the stock market. The Fed is expected to raise interest rates at least one more time, so it may not stop here.

HOT SPOTS: What’s Going on in Geopolitics

  • China Says Relations Have Left “Rational Path” – The People’s Republic of China is being increasingly direct about a possible confrontation with the United States. Foreign Minister Qin Gang said relations with the United States have left the “rational path” and said the U.S. should “hit the brake” if it wants to avoid trouble. If not, he warned, “no amount of guardrails can prevent derailing and there will surely be conflict and confrontation.
  • Four Americans Kidnapped In Mexico By Cartel – Four American citizens who were in Mexico for a medical procedure have reportedly been kidnapped by a drug cartel after they were mistaken for Haitian smugglers. The FBI is offering a $50,000 reward, but the Americans are still missing as of this writing.

  • McCarthy Backs Down From Taiwan Trip – Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) won’t be duplicating Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. The Speaker is reportedly planning to meet President Tsai Ing-wen in the United States. China blasted then-Speaker Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, calling it a major barrier to Sino-American relations. It stepped up military provocations in response.

CUTTING EDGE: Whats Happening In Tech

  • Tesla Steps Up RV Price War – Tesla (TSLA) is cutting prices for its Model S and Model X cars. It’s a follow-up to the cuts in January, which kicked off an EV price war. “The desire for people to own a Tesla is extremely high,” said Elon Musk last week. “The limiting factor is their ability to pay for a Tesla.
  • AI Could Take Lead In Cancer Screening – At least five hospitals and/or clinics in Hungary have used AI to scan for breast cancer since 2021. Success has reportedly been so impressive that scientists in the UK and Finland are going to begin using the technology. In a study that examined 250,000 scans, AI was able to match or exceed the performance of a human radiologist in detecting breast cancer.

  • Game Developer Names And Shames Cheaters – Battlestate Games, the Russian game developer behind Escape from Tarkov, has taken strong action against cheaters. It banned 6,700 cheaters – and published all their nicknames on a publicly available spreadsheet. More than 4,000 cheaters were banned from Escape from Tarkov through last weekend.”

“We want honest players to see the nicknames of cheaters to know that justice has been served and the cheater who killed them in a raid has been punished and banned,” said a company spokesman.

“The signals from the Federal Reserve have not been complicated. The Fed has constantly signaled that it is prioritizing stopping inflation, even if that means hurting economic growth and the stock market. “

It’s not a mystery what the Federal Reserve is going to do. The true mystery is why so many people are acting like they don’t know what’s coming next. Mr. X breaks down what to look for in Jerome Powell’s testimony today – and why the Fed may become the next big political football.

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