Dawn Report – September 21, 2022

Talk about suspense…

We’ve got two massive items hitting today.

First, Russian president Vladimir Putin is expected to address his country about the floundering military invasion of Ukraine… and no one is expecting him to admit defeat.

In fact, the consensus is that Russia is going to upgrade its “Special Military Operation.”

Perhaps they will still refuse to call it a war, but the government is claiming new powers to keep soldiers in the field, changing its economy to a war footing, and pushing through “referendums” that will “legitimize” the territory it has taken in Ukraine.

So you invade a country, occupy it, say it’s yours after a “referendum” you slap together, and then you can be outraged and declare war when the original country tries to take it back.

The wonderful world of international relations…

The second item is what we’ve been anticipating for a while. The Federal Reserve will hike interest rates.

No suspense there… but there’s a chance it might be for a full point.

It’s not extremely likely, but it’s possible. And if that happens, the volatility that we’ve seen so far will seem like nothing compared to what’s coming.

Besides, even if we get the expected three-quarters of a point increase, what Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says could be just as important as what he does.

For that reason, today I break down how to use four key technical signals to secure gains in any kind of market.

These are the weapons you’ll need heading into today’s chaos.

We’ve got your back.

Keep Moving,


Any strategy that makes you money consistently is worthwhile.

Though many new traders believe that trading is primarily about indicators and tools, Chris maintains that it is at least 95% about emotional control.

This is especially relevant in this bearish, choppy market which has made the trading world extremely difficult.

Learn some pro tips to come back from your losses and stay in the game.


Putin, Powell, and Problems for President Trump

  • Fed To Issue Its Judgment – While the world remembered Queen Elizabeth II, actual kingly power in this day and age is in the hands of the central bankers. And once again, we gather before the throne to see what Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is going to give us. A three-quarters of a point hike is expected, but the Fed may err on the side of being too aggressive because of its determination to control inflation.
  • Not One Step Backward – After suffering a crushing military defeat in the northeastern theater, rumors are swirling that Russia is going to take a more ruthless and systematic approach in its invasion. President Vladimir Putin is expected to either speak to his country or release a taped statement. Occupied areas in Ukraine are expected to ask to join Russia via a referendum, which will pave the way for Russia to send in more troops.

While Russia failed to capture Kyiv, it has no intension of abandoning occupied territories in the east
  • New York AG To Charge Trump? – The New York Attorney General’s office has been pursuing former president Donald Trump for years. Now, AG Letitia James has promised a major announcement, with experts suggesting that the office may sue ’45 after her office rejected a settlement offer.

  • Ford Loses $7 Billion In Market Cap – After issuing a warning about third quarter profits, Ford (F) suffered its worst day on the stock exchange since 2011. Shares declined by more than 12%.


This “tool” earned over $400k in 12 months.
Video uncovers the winning tactics that handed one trader an average $7,300 in profit every week using just shy of $12,000 in capital.

HOT SPOTS: What’s Going on in Geopolitics

  • Ukraine Mocks Putin’s Delay – Putin was supposed to give his declaration of war speech last night, but it was delayed. “People who can’t organize a speech undertook to organize a mobilization,” scoffed Ukrainian presidential advisor Oleksiy Arestovych. Swiss banks reported receiving large amounts of gold from Russia while Google search results show some Russians are trying to figure out how to escape military service.
  • UN Complains World “Gridlocked”  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had a glum assessment of the global situation at the General Assembly meeting. “We are gridlocked in colossal global dysfunction,” he said. He went on to say the world is “in peril” and called for different nations to “work as one, as a coalition of the world, as united nations.” Yeah, good luck with that.

  • Putin Meets With Bosnian Serb Leader – Russia has support among many Serbs, who still remember NATO’s bombing campaign that led to the separation of Kosovo. Bosnian Serb separatist leader Milorad Dodik was Putin’s guest in Moscow as Russia tries to undermine the EU’s solidarity on sanctions. Serbia has refused to join in the sanctions campaign, leading to a warning from the EU that it will not be allowed to be in the Union unless it aligns its foreign policy with Brussels.

CUTTING EDGE: Whats Happening In Tech

  • NVDA Rolls Out New Graphics Cards – Nvidia (NVDA) is bringing the heat with its new generation of graphics cards, the RTX-4. You can get the high-end RTX 4090 for just $1,599. Of course, customers often have problems obtaining the graphics cards – gamers tend to lose out to crypto miners in the competition for the best hardware.
  • Health Secretary Backs Biden On Pandemic Being “Over” – President Joe Biden turned a few heads when he abruptly declared that the COVID-19 pandemic which defined so much of the last few years is “over.” While some health experts were furious, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra was a loyal soldier. “The president is right,” he said. Of course, he then dissembled, saying the comments were a reflection of “what so many Americans are thinking and feeling.” He added that the disease is still dangerous so “we have to stay at this.” So… is it over or not?

  • Tesla “Optimus” On The Way – In between running Tesla, SpaceX, and trying to get out of buying Twitter, Elon Musk has also been pursuing robotics. New job postings show that Tesla will soon be using thousands of humanoid robots, the “Tesla Bot” or “Optimus.” The big day should be September 30, Tesla’s “AI Day,” when the company will show the world a prototype.

Yes, they intentionally named it after Optimus Prime


The idea is to use multiple indicators, patterns, and setups to find confluence.


But today, we’ll key in on the four types of divergences because they’re not nearly as fancy as everyone makes them out to be.


A divergence is just what you think it is — the price is headed in one direction while the indicator is headed in the opposite.

I know it sounds complicated. But it’s not. Take a deep breath, give yourself a moment, and read this simple breakdown of four divergences that you can use to locate winning trades.

Once you’ve got these mastered, the opportunities for victory will become truly unlimited.

Corey has more.



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