Dawn Report – November 16, 2021

The infrastructure bill is law… but it’s way too early to say what the consequences will be.

This was a massive piece of legislation costing over one trillion dollars…

And containing potentially devastating regulation of the cryptocurrency market.

Of course, we simply don’t know the exact ways these new laws will be enforced…

Or whether certain coins will benefit as smaller alt-currencies are wiped out…

Or whether this is going to be undone in a standalone bill over the next month…

Or even if the Republicans are just going to retake Congress next year and abolish the whole thing.

This is why I think that quantitative, technical analysis must be at the core of any modern trading strategy.

There are simply too many variables and vectors for someone to try to game out what’s going to happen in the short term.

Obviously, you need awareness of the broader trends…

But the best indication of what specific economic and political policies mean are stock prices themselves.

Sometimes, I think markets have a mind of their own. They are able to process and incorporate an amount of information that is simply impossible to quantify.

In short, failings and all, that’s why free markets generally work when it comes to solving problems of scarcity.

That’s why I focus so much on what’s happening with prices each and every morning…

It helps you cut through all the rhetoric and cut to the heart of what’s really happening…

And find where the money can be made

Keep moving,

Don’t be left behind!

Chris discusses how critical it is to build confidence in your technical signals and trading system so that you can get in early on major trend reversals. It’s the same techniques he’s used to close a number of triple digit gains since the Q4 rally began in mid-October.



Biden Gets His Bill, Crypto Crash, The Thiel Caucus

  • After Six Years, “Infrastructure Week” Has Arrived  President Joe Biden is hoping his political turnaround begins now. Triumphantly signing an infrastructure bill that has at least some bipartisan support, the president is trying to use the momentum to boost a separate social spending bill backed by progressives. However, he’s being undermined by divisions within his own party – and reportedly by poor teamwork between his own office and that of Vice President Kamala Harris

  • Cryptocurrency PLUMMETS – For the sake of your blood pressure, don’t check your crypto wallet until you are well prepared. With stringent new reporting requirements in place for cryptocurrency, those counting on Bitcoin $100,000 for a retirement plan are getting a rude awakening as the entire sector falls. However, another bill has already been introduced to repeal these new rules – so crypto is about to get very political, very fast.

  • Mr. Thiel Goes To Washington – While Elon Musk picks fights on Twitter, his onetime collaborator Peter Thiel is moving on a different front. The PayPal founder has reportedly bought the DC mansion of former Trump Administration Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross as he gets more political. Thiel is backing at least two Republican candidates in Senate races as he moves to become a major force in the GOP.

  • Musk Sells More Shares, Gets Sued – Elon Musk exercised his stock options to sell about $930 million in Tesla (TSLA) stock as the shares continue to decline. He’s also being sued for about $162 million by JPMorgan over a dispute about the pricing of warrants. At the heart of the dispute was Musk causing chaos with the stock price by tweeting about taking the company private.


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HOT SPOTS: What’s Going on in Geopolitics

  • New Royal Health Scare – Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly suffered a “back sprain” as a long health crisis continues. Many in the United Kingdom are now openly saying that it is time for Her Majesty to retire, as she may no longer be physically capable of performing her duties as head of state and the Commonwealth.

  • NATO Warns Russia – NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called out Russia’s “significant, large… military build-up” near Ukraine and told President Putin not to consider “aggressive actions.” Though Ukraine is not a NATO member, Stoltenberg emphasized the alliance’s support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity, including Crimea and the separatist provinces in the east. However, some are suggesting that President Putin may be using the build-up to conceal a different geopolitical move, including establishing a permanent Russian military presence in Belarus.

  • New Indian Lockdown… For Pollution – Lockdowns are something people around the world are just having to get used to, but India’s is unique. India’s Supreme Court has called for a lockdown in New Delhi because the air pollution is so bad. The justices ordered a halt to all “nonessential” travel yesterday, but it’s unknown when this halt will take place, how long it will last, or whether officials will actually go along with it.

CUTTING EDGE: Whats Happening In Tech

  • New Delta Variant Dropped – I keep telling you, it’s never going to end. A new “descendent of the Delta variant,” termed AY.4.2, is spreading in England. COVID-19 as a whole is sweeping through Europe, with a “fourth wave” well underway. It could presage a grim winter for North America.

  • First Successful Russian Test Of Anti-Satellite Weapon – The Russian Federation took out an outdated Soviet-era satellite last weekend, a milestone for the country and proof it can take out enemy orbital intelligence platforms. Of course, the “successful” test also created about 1,500 pieces of “space junk” for the rest of the world to have to deal with.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said the test jeopardized the

International Space Station – including the partly Russian crew


“What is at stake is nothing less than the way modern states will be organized.”

The Russian military is massing troops. The EU is confronting a migration crisis incited by Belarus. China is throwing its weight around in the Pacific. The United States of America is going to increase defense spending in the years to come – but what companies stand to benefit? More than that, which companies will openly side with the federal government? Mr. X explains why corporations will have to make a choice.



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