Dawn Report – January 13, 2022

It’s a record! Well, not the kind most people would want…

Inflation has hit 7% year-over-year. In Europe, inflation hit 5% in December.

This is the highest inflation rate in 40 years.

It’s also going to have important political consequences, with President Joe Biden hitting just 33% approval.

The Federal Reserve is forced with a near impossible situation, as it must suppress inflation… but not crush the stock market.

After all, it’s the stock market (and to a lesser extent, cryptocurrency) that is providing a way out for so many Americans who are fearful of stepping back into the job market.

For traders, inflation shouldn’t just be a warning, but a spur to action.

We must keep pursuing growth, be looking for new opportunities, and refuse to settle for what is “safe.”

At this point, if you leave your money alone, you’ll just watch it lose its value before your own eyes.

We have no choice but to act… and act aggressively.

On a related note, Dr. Kent Moors Sigma Trader just closed another gain above 100%… actually above 114%.

Those are the kinds of gains Americans will need to outpace inflation… unless you want to trust your well being to the Fed.

I’m confident in myself… but not that confident in central bankers.

Keep moving,

Another great episode packed full of critical information for options traders of all levels. This week Chris discusses the prediction of the Santa Rally and how the market was telling us to get ready for some time. He keys in on the power market analysis using the put-call ratio, futures, and $TICK charts to determine likely reversal points. According to Chris this is a critical time to make money as things will get more difficult as the year progresses. In his words, “making money isn’t difficult, but keeping it is.”

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40 Year Inflation Record, No Progress In Ukraine, Biden Hits New Low

  • Reagan Has Nothing On This – The consumer price index is up about 7% year-over-year according to figures from December. This represents the worst inflation since June 1982. This will increase the demands on the Federal Reserve to do whatever is necessary to reduce inflation.

  • Negotiations Between Russia/USA Failing – Russian negotiators said that they are not imposing ultimatums on the West but want concrete security guarantees when it comes to Ukraine. Russia is also concerned about possible Finnish inclusion in NATO, which a Kremlin spokesperson called an “instrument of confrontation.

  • How Low Can He Go? – President Joe Biden is taking a more confrontational approach with Republicans on the position of voting rights, even suggesting scrapping the filibuster. He needs to do something – a new Quinnipiac poll found that just 33% of American adults approve of the president’s job performance, including less than 30% of Hispanics and just 75% of Democrats.

  • We’re All Going To Get It – Assuming you haven’t had it already. Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock gave the gloomy news that “most people are going to get COVID.” The continuous call-outs and sick days are putting an intense strain on public services, including fire departments and police departments. “Many places across the country are getting to the point where even backup staff are getting sick,” said Dr. Gillian Schmitz, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians.


HOT SPOTS: What’s Going on in Geopolitics

  • Royal Embarrassment – Price Andrew will face a court battle with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a woman who has accused him of rape. The prince was connected to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The case will probably overshadow the Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee in early February, which will celebrate her 70 years on the throne.

  • Pegasus Software Targeted Journalists In El Salvador – According to a joint investigation from Amnesty International and Citizen Lab, the Israeli spyware was used against 35 journalists and activists. El Salvador President Nayib Bukele, who has been accused of using repressive measures against independent media, denied any involvement with the scandal.

  • North Korea Launches Second Missile In A Week – Aw, the world’s most repressive regime feels ignored. North Korea fired a ballistic missile 1,000 km from the launch site (at least according to North Korean media.) State media claimed it was a “hypersonic gliding vehicle.” The United States is currently lobbying for additional sanctions.

CUTTING EDGE: Whats Happening In Tech

  • Metaverse? More Like Marxverse – Phil Libin, founder of Evernote and a person who was born in the Soviet Union, spared no words when describing the emerging “metaverse.” He called it “spectacularly stupid” and compared it to Communist propaganda campaigns that promised spectacular results from things that didn’t exist and would never exist. It’s a “gloss that uncreative people and companies put over fundamentally a lack of good ideas.” Now that’s the kind of hot take we need more of from corporate leaders – no one can question where he stands.

  • Roman Empire Proved Right About Everything Again – An effective medical therapeutic that could solve many of our most common health problems is something that the Romans would have recognized – olive oil. The American College of Cardiology found those who take even a half a tablespoon of olive oil are less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. It may even protect against cancer, respiratory illness, or even dementia. And hey, maybe it will give you that leg up if you feel like conquering the Mediterranean world.

  • Navy Unveils Futuristic Laser Ship – The Navy presented plans for the futuristic DDG(X) next generation warship. It will boast directed energy weapons and high-power sensors. “Capabilities that we’re going to need for the 21st century to continue combating the threat are increased missile capability sensor growth, directed energy weapons, which require a lot of power, increased survivability, and increased power availability,” said a deputy program manager.

Will This Be Enough To Make China Think Twice?


“In late February of 2014 Russia began the process of annexing Crimea from Ukraine with the introduction of Russian troops. The move was highly condemned (then and now) by Kiev and all of the West, ushered in another round of sanctions against Moscow, and brought about a lingering civil war between Ukrainians and the dominant Russian ethnic population in eastern Ukraine.”

Dr. Kent Moors just closed a 114% gain, but his background was initially in counterintelligence. This is of vital interest to all of us. The possibility of a shooting war in Russia is growing even as this is written.

In this week’s “Spy Tale,” learn how this conflict started… and gain some insight on what might happen next.



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