Dawn Report – December 18, 2021


That’s my rule for purely quantitative trading approaches.

Look, you all know I’m a big proponent of running the numbers.

It’s an approach that’s helped me bring in some recent wins like:


  • A 98.23% gain on October 1 with Progenity Inc. (PROG)
  • A 55.05% gain on October 21 with Color Star Technology (CSCW)
  • A 47.88% gain on October 22 with Urban One (UONE)
  • A 55.13% gain on October 26 with SenesTech (SNES)

They are all big wins that RapidFire subscribers found out about due to my trading system.

But numbers don’t tell you everything. Or, more accurately, they can’t tell you everything because you don’t have perfect knowledge about every piece of information.
Reality is more complicated than just one formula… something Zillow (ZG) learned the hard way.

It recently had to close Zillow Offers because the algorithm couldn’t cope with the volatility and unprecedented circumstances facing the U.S. housing market.

FA Hayek often spoke about the “pretense of knowledge” – meaning the impossibility of being able to engineer society or a marketplace perfectly because there is simply too much information to process.

This is another one of those examples.

When people talk about going with “their gut,” it usually doesn’t mean just acting on a whim. It means that you are acting on the sum total of your observations, experience, and abstract judgments.

Those things, combined with a technical approach, will give you trading victories again and again.

Perhaps no other career teaches this lesson as forcefully as does counterintelligence… and Dr. Kent Moors knows this well.

He’s used a combined quantitative and qualitative approach (along with decades of experience and a powerful network) to deliver dozens of triple digit wins over the last year… and the gains are picking up fast.

Don’t miss this week’s “Spy Tale”… a reminder that, as Lenin is supposed to have said, “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

It seems like we’re in one of those sped up times.

Stay quick on your feet and don’t be left behind.

Keep moving,

Don’t be left behind!

Chris discusses how critical it is to build confidence in your technical signals and trading system so that you can get in early on major trend reversals. It’s the same techniques he’s used to close a number of triple digit gains since the Q4 rally began in mid-October.



So Musk, Biden And Mickey Mouse Go Into A Casino…

  • Elon Musk Predicts Starship Orbital Flight In January  Speaking at a meeting of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Space Studies Board, Tesla (TSLA) TecnoKing Elon Musk said SpaceX will “hopefully” undertake an orbital flight with the massive Starship rocket in January. Starship is what Musk is counting on for missions to the moon and Mars. After suffering a decline following some sales by Musk, TSLA’s share price is also soaring again – up more than 3% yesterday.

  • Disney Bets On Sports Gambling – I know Disney+ subscriber numbers were disappointing, but I wasn’t expecting this. Disney (DIS) CEO Bob Chapek has expressed the company’s willingness to “partner with third parties in this space in a very meaningful way.” Big Mouse’s key advantage – ESPN, a brand it can use to establish a commanding position in the fiercely competitive market sector.

  • Vaccine Mandate “Suspended” – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has suspended work on President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate following a court ruling. While battles continue in the courts, Republicans in Congress are also using the Congressional Review Act to force Democrats to vote on the issue. COVID-19 cases are increasing again in the United States – even in heavily vaccinated states like Vermont.

  • President Calls For FTC Probe On Gas Prices Though President Joe Biden is supporting clean energy programs, he also has midterm elections coming up. Given that most of us aren’t driving electric cars yet, the nearly 50% annual increase in gasoline prices poses a major political and economic threat. Yesterday, President Joe Biden urged the Federal Trade Commission to probe whether oil and gas companies were engaging in “anti-consumer behavior.


Did you miss Options Coach Chris Hood’s landmark event? Chris does a deep dive into his cornerstone strategy that has been paying him every week for years

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HOT SPOTS: What’s Going on in Geopolitics

  • Palestinian Civil War? – The Palestinian Authority is facing challenges to its, well, authority. Warring militant groups, including those from Hamas and Fatah, have led to the closure of four universities in the Palestinian territories. Clashes have been especially fierce in Hebron, where some despairing clan leaders have appealed to Jordan’s King Abdullah to send troops.

  • Biden Calls Taiwan Independent, Immediately Retreats – Just after a high-stakes virtual summit with Chinese leaders, President Joe Biden sparked a diplomatic crisis when he lightly referred to Taiwan’s “independence” and ability to make “its own decisions.” Later, President Biden walked back the comment and said “we are not encouraging independence.” America’s “strategic ambiguity” regarding Taiwan’s political status is getting harder to maintain.

  • Belarus Shuts Down Oil Pipeline – Who is really calling the shots here? Despite a supposed warning from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Belarus shut down an oil pipeline to the European Union for “unscheduled maintenance.” Perhaps the pipeline really did just spring a leak… or perhaps Belarus and Russia are trying to keep the European Union and the United States off-balance. Concerns are still high regarding Russian military forces in Ukraine.

CUTTING EDGE: Whats Happening In Tech

  • New Pandemic Just Dropped – Get hyped for “monkeypox.” The rare but potentially serious virus has hit Maryland after a traveler brought it from Nigeria. The patient is isolating in Maryland while the CDC tracks down anyone who may have been exposed. Currently, there is no proven and safe treatment for the condition.

  • SEC Investigates Cassava Sciences – Pretty sure The Fugitive was based on something like this alleged situation. The SEC is investigating claims that Cassava Sciences (SAVA) manipulated research results on Simufilam, its experimental Alzheimer’s Disease drug. The stock dropped more than 23% yesterday. The company said it is cooperating with the investigation and CEO Remi Barbier said there is “zero evidence” of “funny business.

  • Moderna (MRNA) Wants Booster Approval – While Pfizer (PFE) may receive approval from the FDA for booster shots as soon as this week, Moderna (MRNA) announced its own request to the FDA yesterday. Boosters have already been approved for those 65 and over and those at high risk, but PFE and MRNA both want approval for all adults. The decision may come as soon as this week – just in time for family arguments at Thanksgiving.

Just one more booster to stop the spread 


“His unconventional style, his ability to put himself in the situation he was reporting, and his uncompromising attack upon authority singled him out as a marked man.”

Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia was hardly a safe place for a reporter crusading against corruption. Dr. Kent Moors recalls one of the pivotal tragedies of post-Soviet Russia. While Communism was over, abuses of power weren’t.





Physics-based algorithm just spots imminent market surge

He just secured a 98% gain in 23 days. See what’s next



Old Pool Hall “Trickshot” uncovered an 899% win in 22 days

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