A Misdirection in Singapore

“The intent of the deception was to trace how Beijing would respond, the intel procedures Guoanbu would employ, and (if we were lucky) identify assets the Chinese had within Vietnam’s policy apparatus.”

India Transforming its Energy Sector

“Despite combatting a debilitating rise in COVID infections, the government there has announced it will exceed the goals set in Paris by 50 percent and three years ahead of schedule.”

Dealing with a Possible Dangle in Bad Nauheim

“There were two elements right off the bat that made this unusual. First, it did not take place at any US embassy, consulate, or other installation. Second, it was initiated in public by the potential defector walking right up to an American official out with his family.”

Problems Rise in a Crypto Middle Base

“While it is the trading of the coins that will improve this week, I still maintain that the essential opportunity is found in those companies providing support and access for connecting crypto and more conventional finance.”

The Need for Regulating Crypto Currency

“Leading the list here is the absolutely essential requirement that it becomes a reliable instrument. That cannot happen without regulation, whether digital purists prefer to hear that or not.”



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