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Buy the rumor, sing the blues

The old phrase, “Buy the rumor, sell the news”, is one that gets the best of every investor at some point during their time in the market.


Trade Idea: Rhymes with DEVO

Have you noticed the amount of offerings hitting investors?
With capital now harder to come by and funding becoming more expensive, you can expect more of this…

lost in a maze

Trade Idea: Who is Doug?

IPOs have been fun to trade the last few months.

With a handful of data analytics subscriptions and the right data feeds, you can pick up on which ones traders have on watch or are even looking at to pump…

And while most have been great trades, there’s the occasional, newly-listed stock that has fallen by the wayside.

no man's land

Welcome to No Man’s Land

Are small cap biotechs ready to run?
In the rare case that I buy and hold a more speculative biotech stock, I look for clues ahead of time… clues that signal an imminent wave of parabolic runners.
It’s risky playing pennies…

It gapped down, but buyers might be stepping in…

In just one week, investors have convinced themselves that the market has reset and is ready climb to all-time highs by the end of summer…
They’re not completely wrong though because it could happen.


Those derned apes…

Once again, meme stocks are trending.
I guess it wasn’t enough that Melvin Capital was put out of business…


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