Come again? An Uptrend?

Price targets have been inching lower while bankruptcies and delistings have become a regular thing…

But what if I told you that one discount store is receiving analyst upgrades despite being down about ~50% YTD?

Is space still a thing?

Remember when investing in space tourism was still a thing?

It was only a little over a year ago that Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. (SPCE) printed a high of $55.91…

Check out this chart…it’s purple.

We have a theme in today’s edition of Before the Bell…

I’ve talked a ton about the past year’s market obliteration and the geopolitical factors that affect us all, but it’s about time we start looking at potential trades for the upside for when things eventually turn around.

And one that I’ve monitored on and off could be rounding the corner soon…

Have you tried looking at it this way?

Intraday volatility over the last month has been a bit insane…

The good news is that this is typically a sign of a reversal or, at the very least, a rally.

How long that rally lasts, I haven’t a clue.

I took a starter position here.

If you ask me, yesterday’s price action in SPX looked like a short covering.

Of course, algorithmic buy programs were turned on and voila, stocks started moving again…

(Did you take a position in NUTX? It ran over 100% yesterday from the open!)

This is why we can’t have nice things.

I leave you alone for ten days and look what happens to the market!

I kid, I kid…

For the first time in four years, I stepped away from the trade desk and took the family to Holden Beach, NC for some much needed downtime.

I’ve been charting this for six days.

A couple of months ago, I’d said that I was bullish in the short term and bearish in the long term…

In other words, I’ve been moving to an even greater cash position while playing the short side and keeping the vast majority of my long trades limited in terms of holding time.


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