New Day At The FDA?

“At noon on June 7, BIIB was at about $286.31 a share. One hour later, it was about $411.69 a share. “

Ransomware and Cybersecurity

“If something as fundamental as money only exists online, it means that it is at the mercy of the first person who can claim it. For that reason, cybersecurity will be one of the most quickly growing sectors of the next few years.”

Modern Art, NFTs, And Inflation

“If digital ownership of a meme is apparently worth millions of dollars to the elite, Main Street investors should take notice.”

Explaining Ethereum And The New Internet

“It is possible that something superior will be created, but right now, it looks like independent producers are building on top of this protocol. More significantly, major institutions are also moving into it, just like they were moving into Bitcoin not long ago.”