Donbass Crisis Will Test The Dollar

“I expect Russia will be forced to intervene, though Vladimir Putin will be trying to contain the situation as much as possible. I don’t think he has some master plan to conquer Ukraine. I think he wants out of this quickly. Yet events are conspiring against him.”

Position Yourself For The Biden Clean Energy Plan

“While this might seem a warning signal to some traders, I’d regard it as an opportunity. The danger now is buying at the top of the market, so we want to look at companies that have struggled in the stock market but have valuable assets and a viable business plan in the real world.”

Mining Stock Nationalism

“Yet simple geography puts America at a disadvantage. There is only one operational rare earth elements mine in the United States.”

Trust But Verify On Bitcoin

“Bitcoin is beyond the power of any one firm or government to destroy. However, it’s still not a fundamentally stable asset.”

The Empires Strike Back

“If the 20th century’s geopolitical battleground was Eastern Europe, the 21st’s will be Asia. Here, powers such as Japan, Australia, and especially India have no desire to be dominated by a Chinese regional hegemon.”

The Realist Case for Palantir

“One company stands at the intersection of all these challenges, with the leadership and record to match them.”

On Machiavelli And Musk

“Machiavelli himself wrote that even the greatest prince must change his conduct with the times. If you suspect there are more powerful forces moving behind the scenes, there probably are.”

The Case For Copper

“Copper won’t just be needed for standard industrial projects, but for the clean energy and electric vehicle programs poised to receive massive subsidies from the American government. “

Will The Feds Crack Down On Crypto?

With retail trading being one of the few things Americans could actually do to earn money during the pandemic, the amount of people who suddenly have an opinion about things like the capital gains tax has increased. “Financial populism,” meaning a political movement that backs those who own a small amount of capital, could be a potent force in the years ahead.