Bulls On Parade

“The question now is whether tech and growth stocks, having lost so much ground, are in position to recover. There are some signs to think we are the beginning of another bull market.”

How To Profit From American Competition With China

“The decision to cut Russia out of the world economy has led to a catastrophe for Western countries, especially in Europe. Cutting China out of the world economy is probably impossible. Whatever actions are done will cause enough harm on their own. The question is which diplomatic bloc can tolerate it – but pain is on the way.”

The Race To The Bottom

“The last thing the global economy needs is a race to the bottom, but that’s what it’s getting, and it’s almost certain to sink Europe.”

The Greatest Show On Earth

“Some thought AMC was going to hit $100 or even $1,000 a share because the system itself was going to be delegitimized.  They even expected AMC surging to three-digits or even four-digit prices (yes, I’ve seen people arguing for this).”

“That didn’t happen, but AMC has been having a comeback over the last month. It’s up close to 30%.”

Is DC The Best Place To Find Elite Traders?

“Yet there is one power couple on Wall Street who may outmatch them all. Of course, one of them is more prominent than the other. And this couple is moving towards one big stock.” 

China Lockdown Could Just Be The Beginning Of Larger Trouble

“China’s political elite draws its very legitimacy from delivering economic growth. China’s growth target for the year is 5.5% – something that most experts were saying was out of reach just a few weeks ago. With current news, I’m just going to put myself out there. China will miss this target. And it will miss because of COVID policies.”

Geopolitical Pessimism And Investing

“Never underestimate the possibility of chance, choice, and individual decisions to shape global markets. Even as this is written, it has been announced that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has died of his wounds after being shot yesterday.”

The BRICS Bomb

“If you owe a bank a million dollars, you have a problem. If you owe a bank a billion dollars, the bank has a problem.”

Gun Stocks Boom After Supreme Court Case

“The best case scenario for the gun companies are laws and media coverage that drive people to buy. At the same time, there can’t be any restrictions that could actually cut into sales figures. That appears to be what we are facing.”