The Forever War

“Both offensives – the strategic attacks on Ukraine’s power and the ‘meat grinder’ of Bakhmut – only make sense if the Kremlin is seeing a war that will take place over years.”

STRIKE! Why POTUS Needs To Force Unions To Yield

“President Biden has been repeatedly underestimated. Let’s hope he’s being underestimated again. A strike would have a bigger impact on the American economy than the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

“That said, winning control over crypto might be more useful for the elite’s purposes than crushing it. My longtime contention is that the United States will use bitcoin and cryptocurrency generally as a ‘support’ for the dollar. It will essentially use technology that was meant to threaten the world reserve currency as a way of giving it a further lease on life instead.”

Get A Custodial Wallet

“The best way investors can protect themselves is to get a Crypto Wallet that they control. Do not allow your assets to be stored or controlled by another company. Do not settle for something less than a custodial wallet. Pick the crypto storage device that is most appropriate for your situation and make sure you have total ownership. Store all relevant information safely and do not allow others access.”

Does Silver End The Fed?

“On August 24 I said to prioritize silver over gold. At the time, as I noted, the price was $19.12 an ounce.”

“As of this writing, it’s over $21.20 an ounce.”

On The Line – Five Senate Predictions

“My read is that the Republicans are a bit overconfident. The “Red Wave” is possible but conservatives shouldn’t get ahead of themselves. Early voting and the blue takeover of urban centers mean they are almost always running behind when midnight hits Election Day.”

On Predictions And The Election

“The Republicans can also be expected to obstruct President Biden’s economic policies, while still supporting aid to Ukraine (despite a vocal minority’s opposition.) We’ll end up with divided government.”

“Historically, for markets, that’s a good thing.”

Reasons For Caution On Tech Stocks

“The extraordinary economic growth that the United States and Europe enjoyed in recent years were premised upon three things…All of these things are now in jeopardy.”