Afghanistan And The Dollar

“After two decades of occupation, one would think that Washington would have had the presence of mind to secure access to these minerals. It didn’t.”

The Crisis Of Faith

“Even if the dollar has weakened somewhat, China does not necessarily have an interest in displacing it.”

Deconstructing The Fast Food Industry

“The way fast food companies, restaurants, and retail systems generally will triumph over this societal breakdown will be to remove the human element entirely, insofar as this possible.”

Buy The Dip On Amazon [AMZN]?

“To put that in perspective, the only other institution that received a higher favorable rating than Amazon is the military.”

Will Governments Kill DeFi?

“In theory, and in its most extreme form, DeFi promises to cut banks entirely out of the financial system. Needless to say, there are a lot of people who don’t want to this to happen.”