Down She Goes…

“This is way more analysis than I usually give in an editorial. Still, I don’t want you to lose everything…”

Embracing the Chaos

“In consistently bullish markets, such as we saw before and after the Coronavirus crash, it’s easy to make money. However, it also breeds laziness and complacency in trading.”

Three Uptrends in a Falling Market

“Energy prices, especially in Europe, have skyrocketed over the past few months due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Though the US and Canada haven’t been hit the same way, the global economy is interconnected. And there doesn’t seem to be an easy way out of this predicament.”

Let’s Talk About Your Future

“Not to be depressing, but I’m going to tell you how I see the future in 10-20 years. The most significant divide between people won’t be religious, ethnic, or geographic – it will be between those who have capital and those who don’t.”

I Got Smashed Last Friday – Here’s Why

I was net profitable, but my overall performance was undercut by one silly trade I did on Friday.

It set me back a bit on my daily and weekly goals and left me scrambling to make up for my mistake.

Never Marry a Stock

Much of the trading advice out there emphasizes this, “Only trade companies you want to own because buying shares makes you part owner in the company.” Every time I think about this, it makes me chuckle.

Invest in Your Confidence

So how do you get your mojo back?

What exactly should you do to get yourself back on track and into a winner’s mindset?

Here are three tips that have helped me the most.

Market Recovery – A Technical Look

“In my world, trends aren’t defined by opinion. Instead, I utilize a proprietary mix of indicators that establish a ‘volatility band’ around a ticker’s price action”.

Stay in Your Lane

“I see those cars bouncing back and forth inside the lane, putting their tires on the shoulder, and more frightening – edging over into my lane. Even when I try to stay calm, I can’t help cursing under my breath. ‘Stay in your lane, a**hole!'”

Risky Business

“I’ve had several conversations this week with subscribers about minimizing risk. Most believe that the job of a trader is to win trades and make money. However, the real goal is to not lose it all.”