Playing the Long Game

A long series of winners can be just as detrimental to your trading as a string of losses. Traders on a hot streak often suffer from “winner’s euphoria.”

Trouble Brewing in Big Tech

“The recent collapse of Silicon Valley and Signature Banks and the liquidity crisis of Credit Suisse has me deeply concerned.”

“It takes time for high interest rates and QT to cause damage.”

“And there will be lasting damage to the economy.”

Seize the Day

“My most profitable trades have recently used the 5-12 minute time frames. Short scalping trades on choppy days and longer intra-day trends when there’s a clear direction.”

Trading to Win

Trading is a game of probabilities, and there’s no way around taking losses. But cultivating the mindset to handle those losses is the only way to regain momentum.

Discovering Your Demons

“If you can’t answer that question, then you’ve identified a fundamental flaw in your planning and strategy – so work on them.”

0 DTE Trading – Getting an Edge

“There has been a massive spike in the volume of 0 DTE options traded.”

“And the most likely reason is the number of retail traders in the market. These aren’t a strategy that institutional traders typically use.”

Bad Trades and Bad Trading

Last week I had a conversation with one of the subscribers in the Trade Command room about the two reasons traders lose. They either place bad trades or practice bad trading.

Process Driven Trading

I talk to traders daily who get scared and exit perfectly good trades just because of their unrealized P/L dips.