The Right Strikes

This powerful strategy is one of the first trades I teach beginners. 

Too Many Trades, Or Not Enough?

“How many trades should I have?”

I’ve heard a hundred times over my years as a trading coach. It’s a question equally relevant to beginner and advanced traders.

Take The Money And Run

In options, just like on the jiu-jitsu mat, the basics will never let you down. The mount, back take, and rear-naked choke never goes out of style.

Sitting On Your Hands

We’ve all been there.

The market’s open, but NOTHING is moving. Flatlined like someone just pulled the plug on its life supports system

Getting A Second Opinion

My professional trading career started AFTER two decades of award-winning work in some of the world’s largest banks and earning both an MBA and PhD.

Never Lose Another Trade

The initial journey of the retail trader is like this.

Huge euphoric wins, followed by equally large devastating losses.