Finding Your Comfort Zone

A good portion of the time, excellent traders do nothing at all. They place their trades, set their autoclose orders, and go about their lives. Great trading is often extremely boring.

Caution Ahead

However, before you’re convinced the recovery is underway, I want to introduce a key indicator. One that every trader MUST have.

Milking the Move

When you find a winning trend, be sure to cash in while you can. Get as much profit as you can before it breaks.

Is Santa Claus Afraid of Bears?

An interesting fact is that during the past five bear markets, the Santa Rally occurred four of five times…and averaged a 3.8% rise in the S&P500.

The Best Offense is a Great Defense

“During bear market uncertainty, you must shift your focus from winning to preventing losses. A risk-management mindset will make you win more by losing less.”

WARNING: This stock contains nicotine

“Sinful” stocks are supposedly a safe haven for investors during market downturns, but that doesn’t tell us the whole story…

Obviously, sales don’t necessarily increase as overall consumption mellows out.

The Power of Community

I don’t need to make predictions when I’m following indicators that print signals with a 60-80% win rate.

Shorting the Market – Timing is Everything

Just keep this in mind when you hear predictions about an impending crash or recession. Don’t jump watch a video on macroeconomic analysis, then go buy puts that expire in 30 days.