An Important Labor Day Message

Date: 09/05/2021

Author: Kent Moors, Ph.D.

Markets are closed for Labor Day, so take this opportunity to spend some time with your families. Markets reopen as usual Tuesday.

However, a day off is also useful as a reset. As I indicated in the weekly report for subscribers last week, the market appears to be consolidating and there is the possibility of a correction.

We still don’t know the final form any infrastructure bill will take before it gets to President Joe Biden’s desk. This will be important when determining how and when to move into certain raw materials and electric vehicles. EVs are going to be taking a bigger share of the entire automobile market, but not every company is going to benefit, or even survive. The combination of fierce competition and the choices of government will lead to a major cull.

The crypto currency market is also in a state of turmoil. As of this writing, bitcoin has once again broken $50,000. However, the specific regulations trading crypto currency will have a mass impact in this market. Once again, it will not simply be a case of the entire sector rising or failing. There will be winners and losers as we move into a new stage.

The infrastructure bill and the possibility of a correction marks the beginning of a different trading environment than what most have experienced over the last year. However, my Σ Algorithm has identified several promising opportunities.

With the right approach, gains are possible in any market environment.

There are many developing plays that I’m excited to share with you. We just closed another triple-digit gain last week.

If you have some spare time this Labor Day, take a few moments to watch this presentation on how the Σ Algorithm works.

I hope you’ll be with us when the Sigma System provides our next triple-digit win.

Happy Labor Day.

Dr. Kent Moors

This is an installment of Classified Intelligence Brief, your guide to what’s really happening behind the headlines… and how to profit from it. Dr. Kent Moors served the United States for 30 years as one of the most highly decorated intelligence operatives alive today (including THREE Presidential commendations).

After moving through the inner circles of royalty, oligarchs, billionaires, and the uber-rich, he discovered some of the most important secrets regarding finance, geo-politics, and business. As a result, he built one of the most impressive rolodexes in the world. His insights and network of contacts took him from a Vietnam veteran to becoming one of the globe’s most sought after consultants, with clients including six of the largest energy companies and the United States government.

Now, Dr. Moors is sharing his proprietary research every week… knowledge filtered through his decades as an internationally recognized professor and scholar, intelligence operative, business consultant, investor, and geo-political “troubleshooter.” This publication is designed to give you an insider’s view of what is really happening on the geo-political stage.

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